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January 2013

Stone Sour’s new album due in April!

I was watching Stone Sour’s old video for Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero which came off the House of Gold & Bones part l album. Dear God, dear Christ, I always forget how hot Corey is. For those of you who haven’t watched the video, you should. It’s pretty sic. It’s a video for two different songs which became one. It’s a little over seven minutes long but well worth watching. You can catch the video below this post or watch it here.

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Gone Sovereign definitely leaves wet panties. For those girls who enjoy their bad boys with ink and a little eye liner but still want them to dress decent for society, this half of the video is for you. The band is in a closed room when the video begins but when the curtains drop they are playing a small concert for screaming fans, head banging to every hit. It kind of reminded me of P. Roach’s Last Resort video back in the day. Corey’s hair, although having a Mohawk,  is slicked back as he sports a nice black dress shirt. Honestly, I can’t think of any other time Corey looked so clean cut in any other video! Aside from his pretty boy get up, his stage presence (video or stage) is always on point. His stage presence just dissevers open your rib cage, snapping each bone just so he can belt out a screaming note to make sure you are listening. It is fucking AMAZING! Anything involving that man is always enough for me to become a fan of anything he touches.

At the end of that song, the video focuses on one concert goer and the next song begins, Absolute Zero. The last song was a panty wetter but this one was the dropper. The intro instantly reminded me of Slipknot’s Psychosocial. If you have to figure out why, go listen to the track and if you just made the connection that the fucking lead singer is the same at Stone Sour, leave my page. You are not worthy of my annoying, irrelevant rants!!

Something about the angle Corey is portrayed, the way his make up is done, and the intense look in his eyes just makes me want to run away in fear but at the same time hope he’ll catch me and ravage me like a deprived savage. Don’t judge me; I stand by what I said!

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 The video seems different than their previous ones but the song, without a doubt, sound heavier than their earlier work. I enjoy Stone Sour but my favorite is Slipknot so it was nice to hear a heavier side of Stone Sour. I fucking loved it.

Stone Sour will be releasing House of Gold & Bones Parts II sometime in April 2013. This will be follow up album House of Gold & Bones Part I that premiered last fall. According to Stone Sour’s website, “Part 2 will be released next year, completing the story. The songs set the tone and follow the action, but House of Gold & Bones is a multimedia experience. Videos, an online presence, album packaging, the live show and even a graphic novel will all follow and expand on the story.”

What really stood out to me was the graphic novel. I think this is a great idea, a little on the o.d. for promotion but excellent marketing plan to get more fans. No shame in that, right? I’ve never read one myself but I would be interested in seeing what it would look like, story line, it is intriguing. I cannot wait for this album to drop. \m/

Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero

Music video for Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero from Stone Sour’s album House of Gold & Bones part I

Hatebreed – Honor Never Dies

Hatebreed’s new lyric video for Honor Never Dies off their upcoming new album The Divinity of Purpose

Hatebreed’s new video with not so hateful message

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Hatebreed released their new lyric video for Honor Never Dies from their upcoming album The Divinity of Purpose which comes out January 29. If you want to hear the album before buying it, you can have streaming access of the entire album through their official website Hatebreed. I happen to like previewing an album before I make the commitment into having it. I have a commitment problem @.@ I am aware of that and I have trying to work on it, just ask all the countless boyfriends and suitors I have had >.<

Anyway, back on their new video. Although it doesn’t show the band, the video is great for those who aren’t huge fans of “screaming” but enjoy the genre… once they understand the words. The message is fantastic. The first thought that came to my head listening to the first words was ‘Strong’. This song is simply strong. Now, for those of you who think metal is garbage (first of all, why are you reading this?o.0) and is “Satan’s work,” get it through your thick skull that this assumption is not true. Well, not for every metal band. I won’t list for the sake of getting backlash and annoying debates on what is fact, fiction, shit like that.

Honor Never Dies not only gives a strong and HEALTHY message for those who feel defeated and weak after have gone through hardships but it also reaches out to parents as well.  “I am just a son/A brother, a father and a friend/No more, not any less/I am just another man still fighting/But I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t taught that.” The part, “But I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t taught that,” really jumped out at me. Every one of us needs someone to teach them right from wrong. Usually these people are parents, care takers, etc.  What I took from this is parents should always push their kids to always stand up for what they believe in, never back down just because everyone else is. It’s a great song, not too shabby of a video. Sic.


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Hatebreed will be headlining New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in April 2013 along with Anthrax, Opeth, and Suicide Tendencies in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Womp Womp Blog!

I’m sure you noticed the last post had no words – no blog actually. It was just the new video for Bullet For My Valentine. Along with the video, there was supposed to be a blog with it not just a video. That was not my intention; however, it was my fault. I did the big writer no-no! I didn’t save my blog (which I wrote beforehand on another writing system) and when I thought I had posted it, poof! It was gone. It took me about 40 minutes to write & edit it. I was so proud of it, too -.—– So, after my fit of rage, I just said, ‘ fuck it,’ and didn’t bother coming up with a new blog. The second draft would have never come out as good as the first draft anyway. I did have my notes since I cleverly e-mailed the notes to myself (but not the draft, silly me) but the details that I had thought of on the spot were gone.

After I bitched myself out on how stupid my amateur move was I told my brother about it. He suggested I rant about it on my blog… and because it’s my blog, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!  My advice for all writers, never, ever commit my beginner’s error. I figured once I posted my blog it would be saved and I was wrong. In my defense, I did write that blog on my mother’s laptop (I had gone home and did not bring my own) and she does not have Word. Okay, that really isn’t an excuse. It’s safe to say, laziness and cockiness took the best of me but no more! I have saved this blog twice already because clearly this blog is worth saving, not the one about the actual band (can you feel the sarcasm?).

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Bullet For My Valentine – Riot

Bullet For My Valentine’s Riot off their new album releasing in February.

Download Fest in the U.K. + Rammstein!

While walking through a Barnes & Nobles the other afternoon, I decided to look through the stack of magazines. I’m a devoted Revolver Magazine reader but they never seem to have them – like ever! So I decided to look through Metal Hammer. They usually have some great articles but a lot of the bands they speak of, I’ve never heard of before. Normally, I’d make a note about a mentioned band and look them up but ever since my smart phone crapped out my taking notes are very limited. Anyhoo, after skimming through pages I came across the Download Festival in the U.K. lineup. Holy hell, did I nearly just flip a table when I heard the bands performing!

30 Seconds to Mars, Bullet For My Valentine, Queens of the Stone Age, Motorhead, Stone Sour, H.I.M., Mastodon and if those bands weren’t enough to knock off my socks (along with other undergarments!) fucking Rammstein, Iron Maiden, and Slipknot are headlining! Slipknot is my favorite, I have much respect for Maiden but Rammstein, c’mon! If you’re an American fan, you should understand why I need to see them live! Till Lindemann, lead vocalist of Rammstein, has the up most impressive background, not only does this bad ass metalhead like to play with fire but he’s also very athletic. In fact, he was supposed to compete in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.  Apparently, he swims like a fish – err, perhaps a piranha, since they are more vicious.

Putting his athleticism aside, this pyromaniac is known for doing the most sic performances and stunts on stage including setting himself on fire. Okay, maybe his skin doesn’t actually go on fire? Or does it? O.o  In an interview with Playboy in 2007, Till admits that despite rumors that he loves fire it’s not his “passion,” and in fact, has even burnt his leg before on stage. “Playboy: Is fire your passion? Lindemann: No, not at all… My leg has been burnt because the trousers caught on fire inside.” (You can read the whole interview here)


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As an American, it is hard to see them perform. There are many rumors on why they don’t show too much face in the U.S., the most heard rumor is the fact they hate America. Unless you show me the article that quotes them saying they hate the U.S. and why, I will continue to doubt it. My brother had actually gone to see them live (lucky bastard). They actually toured North America last year 😥 which I completely missed. It’s a rare moment when they come to visit us but hopefully they will soon. In the meantime, the U.K. will enjoy them. My brother and I would love to travel there just to see all these awesome bands live! That whole festival should just come here and add it on. Yes, yes?

For more info on the U.K. tour, check out the official website, Download Fest

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