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January 2015

Ten Second Songs

I had to talk about this little fellow that has such an incredible voice that he can switch from Boyz II Men to Slipknot to Run DMC to Type O Negative. His name is Anthony Vincent and his YouTube channel is called Ten Second Songs. I’ve only checked out a few but my favorite so far is Katy Perry‘s Dark Horse. I’m a girl, dammit, I’m allowed to listen to pop music! It gives me something to dance to when I’m cleaning my apartment in my unicorn panties! That’s right… I’m 28 years old and I listen to pop music and have unicorns on my fucking underwear! Okay, so I’m lying. I’m 27 BUT my birthday is later this month so I’ll be turning 28! I’ll still rock unicorn undies though, don’t hate on my game!

ANYWAY, if you haven’t seen any of his videos, this is the time. He should still have his opening video wearing a Santa outfit and the look on his face is priceless but you can obviously tell he doesn’t take himself too seriously anyway.

Courtesy of YouTube

His whole concept is taking popular songs and singing them in different genres. He imitates Michael Jackson, The Doors, Tech Nine, Blink 182, and more. What’s the most impressive part about his talent is that… this guy can really sing! If you’re listening to Dark Horse, listen when he switches to Iron Maiden. His vocal imitations is phenomenal! One of my favorite singers is Maria from In This Moment. I love how she can switch from screaming to the point where her cheeks just light up a natural blush to an alluring, flirtatious singing. Anthony can change up his vocals just as fast. I’m sure he practiced, as any musician would while recording, but holy shit, it just sounds amazing.

My Song Meaning Behind Orgy’s Fiction (Dreams In Digital)

Way to go deep in the 90’s! 90’s right? Probably late 90’s… close to the 2000’s? Whatever, it’s early enough where kids these days have probably never heard of the band Orgy or this song. That’s right, kids, Orgy isn’t just a past time for sexual experience. Orgy was the actual name of a band back in the day before the lead singer decided to “terminate” the other members of the band. Kind of a douchey move if you ask me. Nevertheless, Fiction has always been one of my favorite old school songs. Now, I have been trying to search for the meaning behind this song for a particular reason. When I was a wee young las (las? lad? What do the Irish call young girls? I think it’s las. I’m going to go with las, it just feels right), I remember listening to this song one day with my brother and I think he was the one who put this song meaning in my head: Orgy’s Fiction is about a man’s wife in a coma.

Orgy – Fiction (Dreams In Digital)

She’s lost in coma where it’s beautiful (Pretty self explanatory, she’s in a coma where nothing is hurting her) 
Intoxicated from the deep sleep, deep sleep
do you wonder what it’s like
living in a permanent imagination? (People often wonder what their loved ones are dreaming of when they are sleeping or in a coma)
sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that

guilty by design, she’s nothing more than fiction (She is a vegetable, therefor, nothing but a shell of a human)

she dreams in digital (While in a coma, she is dreaming. The “digital” represents the wires she’s hooked up to and what is keeping her “alive”)
because it’s better than nothing (The husband cannot accept her death so keeping her alive through computers is better than her dying)
now that control is gone
it seems unreal,
she’s dreaming in digital (He cannot comprehend how her body has lost control and she is just lying there, sleeping in a coma, and possibly dreaming)
she dreams in digital

And your pixel army can’t save you now (The computers cannot help her. She is a goner)
my finger’s on the kill switch (Medical staff are asking him if he wants to unplug her)
I remember I used to compose your dreams, control your dreams (When she was alive and well, she was so in love with him, she would only dream of him. I don’t see “control” as a negative thing)
and don’t be afraid to expose yourself before I shut you down (He is begging her if there is any chance of survival, please do it before he unplugs her. He wants her to move a finger, move her eyes, blink, something, anything)
you made some changes since the virus caught you sleeping (She looks physically different now than from when she was alive and healthy)

guilty by design, she’s nothing more than fiction
she dreams in digital
because it’s better than nothing
now that control is gone
it seems unreal, she’s dreaming in digital (dreams in digital)

cause it’s better than nothing
now that control is gone
it seems unreal when she’s dreaming in digital (dreams in digital)
she dreams in digital

The rest is chorus but you get the drift. I wish there was truth behind this theory because it’s a pretty valid and well thought out theory. I tried looking up what this song meant from the band themselves but haven’t found such luck. Maybe I’ll never find out the meaning behind this song but every time I hear it, I will always think of that story line.

When You Come Home

Most people know I am now a military wife. I literally married into that lifestyle because I married my husband right when he graduated bootcamp. I have no idea what it’s like to be a normal wife with a husband who comes home every day around the same time. I don’t know what it’s like to plan vacations. I probably will never know when it’s a good time to start having babies because I will become similar to a single mom – with a dog in the mix as well. I don’t know what it’s like to CHOOSE to ignore my husband’s phone calls or texts because he’s pissed me off for saying the “wrong thing”. On one hand, it’s an exciting life while on the other, it can be lonely. Stress is something that will always be there, especially if you were raised like I was: having everythin done for you. You learn to grow up fast and become an adult – whether you like it or not because bills will never stop.

A few nights ago I was on YouTube looking for something to listen to before I sleep. With my husband away, I wanted to soothe my emotions. I found one song called “When You Come Home” and it seems to be pretty popular since there are so many versions of it. I have no idea which is the original version. Holy hell, I just bawled my eyes out and it didn’t help that my Menzies is here so my hormones are running a RAMPAGE. I really enjoy the beginning because it’s a cadence and I love cadences. They actually really calm me down and, in fact, I make my husband sing me my favorite one “I Wonder” when I can’t sleep. They will always and instantly remind me of him. The chorus is honest and just so sad because it’s what every MILSO feels. When they come home, we’ll get our shit together, hide the fact we are just falling apart, remain calm despite money issues, and we become happy again when we see them.

The verses are a different story. Being a Coastie’s wife, I can happily say that I am luckier than most wives in the military life. For now, I don’t have to worry about him having being over seas. He mainly stays around U.S. waters but like others, he does have to go away for a couple of months, again, for now. I’m not sure what will be the longest trip. Regardless, he can be gone for a while, thankfully, not as long as other soldiers. The verses are rough to listen to because it’s a story from the wife’s point of view. She’s basically drowning. What I don’t like is that she sounds like she’s giving up, almost as if she blames him for the lifestyle. Maybe I’m still new to this or maybe I’m naive but I would never blame my husband for our changes and I try to keep my troubles away from our communication through texts, e-mails, phones, and Skype. Again, I may just be new at this and I’ll some day reach that feeling of giving up and then realize why I am still here when he comes home and washes all my doubts away. I hope I never reach that point.

Leelah’s Note

Sometime last week I was cruising around Facebook and instead of focusing on the new cat videos and dogs dressed in Holiday clothes, a news’ link caught my attention. Because I support all gays and every part of that lifestyle, I follow LGBT News. The story that captured my attention was Leelah Alcorns’. In a nutshell, she was a transgendered teen who knew was a woman stuck inside a man’s body. First of all, let me add, she was a CHILD. She was 14 years old when she came out to her Christian parents and asked if she can begin her transition. She was not only forbidden to do so, she was actually sent to Christian therapists who also told her she was wrong and could not change. Her life was changed completely around. She was taken out of school and not allowed to see her friends. Interesting enough, it was her friends who accepted her for who she was when she came out as gay. After being beaten down and shamed by her parents, Leelah wrote and posted her suicide note and published it on Tumblr. She committed suicide by walking in front of a truck.

After everything was said and done, her parents (her mother) posted on Facebook how her SON had committed suicide and asked for the Facebook community to please keep her family in their prayers…

Excuse me? Please keep YOUR FAMILY in our prayers? No. Let’s keep Leelah in our prayers. Despite everything Leelah wrote and requested, her parents still keep referring to her as “him,” “he,” and “boy.” They obviously have no respect for their daughter and they are blind to see that they are the reason she took her life. Her parents continue to ignore Leelah’s final wishes and seem to have no intentions of accepting their daughter. Her parents are to blame and I stand behind that theory. If they had only opened their hearts and loved their CHILD as they should as her fucking parents, she could still be alive and, most importantly, HAPPY.

courtesy of

Rest In Peace, you sweet, beautiful angel. We will all remember you as Leelah.

To anyone who is stuck and feels like there is no hope, feels like there is nothing to live for, feels like no one understands them, it does get better. You have people who care. Leelah’s support system should have started at home because no matter how close of friends you have, home is where you go after school, after work to be comforted. Please, don’t give up.

“My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.”
– Leelah Alcorn

10 Ways to get Rid of a Feminist

I swear this man can make me giggle bright and early in the day.

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