Hi! My name is Ally and I am a hamster of royalty!

The reason I write my blog’s name MuSically Chaotic is because whatever I find wicked awesome or just plain cool, I always call it, “sic” (Thanx to Slipknot!) I did a word play on Sic, Ally, and Music and BAM! MuSicAlly was created! Chaotic because my life is chaotic & my other blog is called Organized Chaos (allyalexy.blogspot.com).

I wasn’t blessed with musical talents so rather than bitch about it, I write about it. I swear a lot, I make a few jokes, I add pretty pictures, and sometimes I will add links to cool stuffs on the magical world that is YouTube! I may stray away from blogging about music and have random posts about my personal life which sometimes can be more entertaining! I like making new friends so if you read my blog, don’t be shy & comment! Curse me out, tell me I’m awesome, whatever you feel like it šŸ˜€

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