Download Fest in the U.K. + Rammstein!

While walking through a Barnes & Nobles the other afternoon, I decided to look through the stack of magazines. I’m a devoted Revolver Magazine reader but they never seem to have them – like ever! So I decided to look through Metal Hammer. They usually have some great articles but a lot of the bands they speak of, I’ve never heard of before. Normally, I’d make a note about a mentioned band and look them up but ever since my smart phone crapped out my taking notes are very limited. Anyhoo, after skimming through pages I came across the Download Festival in the U.K. lineup. Holy hell, did I nearly just flip a table when I heard the bands performing!

30 Seconds to Mars, Bullet For My Valentine, Queens of the Stone Age, Motorhead, Stone Sour, H.I.M., Mastodon and if those bands weren’t enough to knock off my socks (along with other undergarments!) fucking Rammstein, Iron Maiden, and Slipknot are headlining! Slipknot is my favorite, I have much respect for Maiden but Rammstein, c’mon! If you’re an American fan, you should understand why I need to see them live! Till Lindemann, lead vocalist of Rammstein, has the up most impressive background, not only does this bad ass metalhead like to play with fire but he’s also very athletic. In fact, he was supposed to compete in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.  Apparently, he swims like a fish – err, perhaps a piranha, since they are more vicious.

Putting his athleticism aside, this pyromaniac is known for doing the most sic performances and stunts on stage including setting himself on fire. Okay, maybe his skin doesn’t actually go on fire? Or does it? O.o  In an interview with Playboy in 2007, Till admits that despite rumors that he loves fire it’s not his “passion,” and in fact, has even burnt his leg before on stage. “Playboy: Is fire your passion? Lindemann: No, not at all… My leg has been burnt because the trousers caught on fire inside.” (You can read the whole interview here)


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As an American, it is hard to see them perform. There are many rumors on why they don’t show too much face in the U.S., the most heard rumor is the fact they hate America. Unless you show me the article that quotes them saying they hate the U.S. and why, I will continue to doubt it. My brother had actually gone to see them live (lucky bastard). They actually toured North America last year 😥 which I completely missed. It’s a rare moment when they come to visit us but hopefully they will soon. In the meantime, the U.K. will enjoy them. My brother and I would love to travel there just to see all these awesome bands live! That whole festival should just come here and add it on. Yes, yes?

For more info on the U.K. tour, check out the official website, Download Fest