This is such a warm, heart felt moment between a fan and his idol. It’s a beautiful scene to witness a rockstar like Kid go out of his way and arrange his schedule just to see a die hard fan at his birthday party.

Bravo, Kid Rock, you did good.

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This video is a little long but the look on this guy’s face is absolutely priceless.

Dan McGuirk is a 30-year-old with Down Syndrome and he’s also a huge Kid Rock fan.  A few weeks ago he made a video about how much he loves Kid Rock in the hopes that the singer would see it and show up at his birthday party.

Well, he got his birthday wish.

I think I heard a few four letter words so just be warned.

Kid shows up at about 2:45 in.

And here is the original video of Dan explaining why he wants Kid Rock to come to his birthday.

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