Ten Second Songs

I had to talk about this little fellow that has such an incredible voice that he can switch from Boyz II Men to Slipknot to Run DMC to Type O Negative. His name is Anthony Vincent and his YouTube channel is called Ten Second Songs. I’ve only checked out a few but my favorite so far is Katy Perry‘s Dark Horse. I’m a girl, dammit, I’m allowed to listen to pop music! It gives me something to dance to when I’m cleaning my apartment in my unicorn panties! That’s right… I’m 28 years old and I listen to pop music and have unicorns on my fucking underwear! Okay, so I’m lying. I’m 27 BUT my birthday is later this month so I’ll be turning 28! I’ll still rock unicorn undies though, don’t hate on my game!

ANYWAY, if you haven’t seen any of his videos, this is the time. He should still have his opening video wearing a Santa outfit and the look on his face is priceless but you can obviously tell he doesn’t take himself too seriously anyway.

Courtesy of YouTube

His whole concept is taking popular songs and singing them in different genres. He imitates Michael Jackson, The Doors, Tech Nine, Blink 182, and more. What’s the most impressive part about his talent is that… this guy can really sing! If you’re listening to Dark Horse, listen when he switches to Iron Maiden. His vocal imitations is phenomenal! One of my favorite singers is Maria from In This Moment. I love how she can switch from screaming to the point where her cheeks just light up a natural blush to an alluring, flirtatious singing. Anthony can change up his vocals just as fast. I’m sure he practiced, as any musician would while recording, but holy shit, it just sounds amazing.