KylieJennerChallenge [LOTS OF SWEARING. It’s more of a rant.]

I know you guys have seen those ridiculous images on Instagram #KylieJennerChallenge. If you haven’t heard of this challenge, this is what is consists of: Using objects to suck your lips so tightly they swell your lips. The goal is to replicate Kylie Jenner’s lips… or to get fuller lips.


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Holy Shit, parents, please, I am begging you, watch your damn kids! This is such a terrible challenge and I understand today’s youth is dumber than a pile of Dodo birds stacked up high (actually, people, Dodo birds weren’t really dumb, they were just TOO trusting of shitty humans that only wanted to hunt and kill them… Gah, humanity, you suck in general, no wonder younger generations are just getting dumber by the years!) but c’mon you stupid little fucks, why on earth would you want to do harmful challenges?

I got curious earlier this week and looked up images on Instagram and I instantly regretted it. I was bombarded with horrific selfies of these girls and even boys sucking their lips with shot glasses, Snapple bottles, and other house hold devices.

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Not only did their lips swell up three times their normal size, they actually left rings around their lips or worse, bruises.

What really pisses me off is when I see black girls do this challenge. I LOVE, LOVE, ENVY black girls’ lips. Most black girls I’ve met have the fullest, beautiful, juiciest lips. This is one adjective away from becoming a gay compliment but I don’t care! These girls post before and after pictures (and videos) of their already full lips and the DESTROY their shape and end up looking like their boyfriends beat the hell out of them… or a baboon’s ass.

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You girls should be making fun of the stupid tweens/teens doing this, not participating! Stop it. Just stop. Not just you guys but everyone. Everyone needs to stop doing this nonsense.

This is the same rage I feel when I see curvy Spanish girls try and lose their shape. Shut up! I HATE YOU! Spanish women, you were born with natural curves! We are known to have beautiful, shapely, curves, why would you want to get rid of them when other girls are paying for what you have?! That’s a whole other rant.