Why Caitlyn Jenner is important

We have seen her everywhere; she’s on magazines, TV, every social media, and even the news. You can hate her all you want but, clearly, she is here to stay. Caitlyn Jenner is on fire right now but she is also under fire. Nice pun, right? I just made that up on the spot. You’re welcome ūüėČ


You can bitch all you want about how disgusting she is, she is an abomination, there are more important things to focus on, and all your other complaining, whining shit but I am here to tell you, and try to convince you, why her coming out is important in this generation.

When I was growing up, I didn’t hear too much about bullying. In my opinion, kids these days are too soft but I will still stand for those who are too afraid to speak up. There have been so many suicides and too many kids being tormented because of their sexuality. Whether if they know they are gay or are still struggling, it is still an issue kids have to face with every. single. day. of their lives. Now, picture yourself, my sweet, little followers, picture yourself as a 12 year old boy. You know damn well, if you even stare at another boy’s body in the locker room, you are going to get picked on (or worse). You pretend you are one of the guys but when you are finally home, you can play dress up, look pretty, be comfortable in your own skin. There is a catch, whatever you do, don’t let you parents or siblings find out because if they do, you’re in a mess of a conversation (or worse). Now, knowing the struggles you, as a 12 year old, are faced with, how in the WORLD could this be a choice? There are so many 12 year old boys in this same situation. They are terrified of coming out, confused by what their¬†real inner bodies are telling them. To themselves, they are freaks.


Bruce Jenner, as we all know, was a handsome, Olympian athlete. He gained more attention when he married Kris Kardashian. He was in the spotlight but not as much as the rest of the Kardashian clan. To have someone like Bruce come out and say, “I am a woman,” this is a hero for some of those kids who, they themselves, are struggling with this inner battle. Finally, someone who has respect from (not all) the public is in the same shoes that 12 year old boy is in. This one kid isn’t so lost anymore. He can read and watch the interviews and articles and relate. If someone who is under the public eye can do this, knowing the scrutiny he is going to receive and the hate, this gives that 12 year old boy courage, knowing if no one understands him, one person will. It is a long shot but it’s worth a shot. When I became EIC of my college newspaper, I started to drown in my insecurities and I couldn’t find anyone to relate. After one terrible afternoon, I went back to my dorm room, stuffed my face with cake, and began watching L.A. Ink. As silly as it may sound, I regained my confidence through this show.. Not many people will admit but everyone models something after a celebrity. Fashion, style, strength, you may hate to admit it but celebrities do impact our lives. It could be in negative ways or positive.


In Miley’s case… sigh, just no. Stop.

For those who are saying, “There are more important things to worry about than this,” STFU. Of course there are! Animal abuse, ISIS, political nonsense, human trafficking, the economy, racism. Are YOU only stressing and following ONE of those problems? NO! All you are doing is just rolling your eyes and saying, “WHO CARES?!” – Well, the GLBT community does because THIS is a big step for this part of the world. To them, this is what matters: being heard, the fight of acceptance. My husband is in the military and I have a huge love for animals but I even realize how important this particular subject is… and this doesn’t even affect me in any way!


For you bible freaks… Unless you waited to have any sexual actions with your spouse, never did anal, never cheated, worship regularly, and NEVER JUDGED anyone, then you have absolutely¬†NO RIGHT or grounds to stand on. I cannot stand those people bashing Caitlyn for religious views because they constantly share their beliefs on loving thy neighbor, what is wrong or right. The part you hypocrites are forgetting is that¬†NO ONE CAN JUDGE YOU EXCEPT ONE PERSON¬†and last time I checked, none of you can walk on water. Who are you to judge what a person, you will never meet, you will never have to speak to, or have any impact on ONLY YOUR LIFE, does?! Worry about if your god will accept you into his kingdom knowing how you treated someone. You aren’t helping spreading the good word when you constantly judge others, you are just encouraging other people to hate your religion.


Unless Caitlyn personally comes at your door and says, “You have to wear men’s/women’s clothing because I say so,” just STFU. She isn’t hurting anyone and if you think she is hurting her family, guess what? You’re not part of her family because if you were, you wouldn’t be complaining. You’d be debating which country to visit next as a vacation. No one should be judging her. If you’re sick of hearing about her, CHANGE THE CHANNEL, SKIP TO THE NEXT STATION, SCROLL PAST IT. The negative comments need to stop. If you hate her that much, then just move on with your day. No one cares what you have to say just like I don’t care about your negative thoughts about my post. Move the fuck on and get over it.