Reviewing Kat Von D Make Up

Is Kat Von D makeup line worth the hype?

If you are most women (or YouTube makeup gurus) then you wear some form of make up. Whether it is eye liner, lip gloss, foundation, or mascara, finding the right one is hard and costly! Recently, I decided to throw away all my brand name makeup products and start fresh. The reason for my change was because I wanted cruelty free products. What does cruelty free mean? Well, my little make up artists,  big name companies (Bobbi Brown, CoverGirl, Marc Jacobs, and other expensive brands, including, yes, MAC) test on animals and I don’t want to support that so I strictly buy makeup products that are not tested on animals now.

Eyes, lips, and cheeks!
I did some research and was able to find CrueltyFreeKitty and used it as a guide on which makeup is cruelty free. I have always loved Kat Von D and her style is not only cruelty free but vegan as well so I started with her. I went on a binge for my birthday and then again for Kat’s birthday when she had an awesome online sale. I have tried the following products and can honestly form a valid opinion on all of them.

Lock-It Featherweight Primer & Lock-It Foundation

I never wore primer on my face except for my eye lids but I was warned this foundation was HEAVY and a primer should be worn with it. I chose to buy both to be safe because my skin is pretty sensitive. The primer is super light and a little goes a long way. I noticed when I went without wearing it, my face did become greasy FAST so I stick to using the primer as a base before I had anything else on it.

The foundation is THICK. REALLY THICK. When I press the pump, I use half pumps because a full pump gives a LOT. It definitely covers up spots you want covered. I have a birthmark that rests on the right side of my face so I always try to cover it up with make up. I bought these at Sephora and they used that little machine to pinpoint my skin tone. It blends perfectly but it does highlight the pores on my nose but because I wear glasses, I try not to use so much of it on my nose. The coverage is flawless!

Lock ‘N Load Makup Setting Mist

GOD SENT. It is a light mist you spray on your finished face and it locks your make up in place. If you try this, please, make sure you spray it on BEFORE mascara or else you’ll be rocking those raccoon eyes. I noticed my full face of make up does stay in place all day when I spray this bad boy on. Living in Puerto Rico (oh, yeah, I live in Puerto Rico meow!) I needed some help with my make up. You don’t feel any stickiness with the spray at all, it does what it says.

I may have bought one a little too bright, so again, a little goes a long way. I have no complaints. I honestly, just needed a blush. At least I know this will last me quite a while. The color is about three shades brighter than the picture here but it IS a very pretty color.

 Immortal Lash Mascara Puro Amor & Tattoo Liner Eye Liner color Trooper

The mascara is nothing special. I have thin eyelashes and I don’t wear fake lashes (except my wedding and I was not told I had to take them off with warm water and soap…) and this didn’t “plump” them up but it did make my eyes pop. I’m not crazy about the wand either. Whenever I’m done using it I have to do a little light wiggle to get the wand back in and it feels, well, flimsy. It is super lightweight but I think if I’m in a drunken rage I would end up breaking it or snapping it by accident.

Dat eye liner tho! I have not used liquid eye liner since high school and it’s mainly due to laziness. I’ve always used a gel liner since my early 20s and that shit was crazy good. Kat’s Tattoo Liner stays on and that shit isn’t moving, with or without the setting mist! The black is truly black (I mean, c’mon, is there any other eye liner color worth having?). It still takes me a while to get the wings perfectly on since it has been a long time since I used liquid. I am worried this will run out soon because it’s so light. My only complaint is once it hits the skin, it DRYS FAST. I try to find work on my wings but once it dries, it is a little struggle to not have the tip skip on the skin. Maybe I just need more practice?

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Nosferatu & Exorcism

I’m on the fence with these. Now, I LOVE both shades, the colors are beautifully dark, they go on smooth and don’t gunk up, and they dry quickly, however, they don’t seem to last during eating. When I go kiss my hubby, I don’t leave residue and even though they are both matte, they don’t dry out my lips. I’ve had them on while I had meals and they seem to fade fairly quickly and I find myself having to reapply. Maybe it’s these colors because I have seen other YouTubers who claim they ate and it didn’t come off. I might try these again this week and eat a full meal. Maybe I will go one less coat to see a difference…

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Lolita

If you haven’t heard of Lolita, you are not a true makeup girl. This shade is not only beautiful but for some strange reason, it DOESN’T come off as easily as my other two darker shades! This color is always out of stock at Sephora and TBH, when I bought from KVD on her birthday, what convinced me was the sale: spend $100 and I will receive a Lolita liquid lipstick, eye liner, and free make up bag. Lolita was the cause of my debt. As I mentioned, this color does not come off when I have a meal nor is it overpowering as my darker ones can be. I can probably wear Lolita every day as my go to color.

Final thought?
I do have more products from this line including the studded lipsticks and nail polish so once I can test those out, I will write a short pt 2 or maybe add it to this post. So far, I enjoy the foundation, love the lip colors (just wish they would last longer), and the mascara should be cheaper! If you have any tips on this line, please let me know in the comments 🙂 If you hated this, well, comment down there, too and I’ll make another rant since those seem more popular for some strange reason! 😀