While He’s Deployed: 6 mo.

Finally, we have hit the sixth month! We are halfway there!

When I returned from my amazing Bahrain trip, I felt like a worldly woman. I felt accomplished, independent, and further educated on a culture I knew nothing about. Of course, the best part of this beautiful trip was finally seeing my otter half in person, not inside a tiny phone screen where he would freeze at the most important moments. Seriously, he could be telling me a story about how he and his buddy met a girl and it would sound like this:

D: Andy and I met were at this bar and I … this cute girl know … single. I went … room … hit it off. Eventually, I went … place and she … job so … to play … carefully… fuck.

But what he really said was:

D: Andy and I met were at this bar and I told him to let this cute girl know he was single. I went to the restroom at some point and they hit it off. Eventually, I went back to my place and she went to his. He doesn’t have a job so he had to play his cards carefully and don’t fuck it up.

Do you see how dangerously unreliable internet can be?


All by myself
I had arrived back home just in time for my parent’s trip to Ecuador. The best part? The house that had been under construction for the last several months was basically finished by this point – and I was going to enjoy every newly polished corner of it. It had been months since I had lived alone and to say I had missed my solitude would be an understatement. I couldn’t help but rush my dear beloved parents out. In my defense, my parents needed this vacation. They don’t handle stress well and then I lose my mind so this trip came at the perfect time. I was going to have the house to myself for three weeks!

Like the adult I pretend to be, I was on my own. I kept my grocery shopping list at a minimal length. I can literally eat the same meal for a week – as long as it’s good… as long as I can remove the mold… as long as it doesn’t smell sour-y. I was not working at this time so I had a lot of time on my hands. I am not a party animal. In fact, I didn’t tell many people that my parents were gone because I didn’t want anyone to assume that was an invite. No, no, these three weeks were saved for endless naps, staying up late, eating ice cream for breakfast, and loving on my animals.

food new
My grocery list

Besides sleeping in and relishing the fact I was alone, I did catch up with some friends. I managed to continue pole dancing and found a music store that offered drum classes so I dug up my electronic drum kit from the basement, assembled it, and signed up for classes. Despite the fact I wanted nothing more than to relax, I enjoy keeping busy. I focused a lot of my energy on drums, dancing, and my dogs.

Animals truly are the best company. Your pets will never judge you for eating two bags of Lay’s Jalepeno chips in one evening. They also will never judge you when you use the bathroom with the door open only to find yourself waddling to the other side of the bathroom to get a new role of toilet paper. Stop judging me, I know everyone has done this! Anyway, how do I thank my furry babies for keeping me company and staying by my side?

That’s how! Needless to say my dogs were pretty betrayed but, you know what? I don’t care. They made me smile 🙂