While He’s Deployed: 11mo.

Cardi B said it best:

Corona virus, it’s real!

I can make light of the situationĀ now because I am writing this post super late. I am dedicated to my consistent inconsistency (please, don’t sue me, Grace Helbig, I love you and I know you have more money than I do and we both know I won’t get paid for this).

Our leader be like…

The Corona virus is a vicious virus that emerged in China. How it came to be is still up for debate. I don’t need to tell you to go on your social media account and find the sources. Everyone has become doctors within a matter of days and everyone has an opinion on… everything. What we do know about COVID is that it attacks the lungs mercilessly, making those with bad lungs (asthma, pulmonary issues etc.) particularly susceptible to the virus. At first, it did not seem to target young children, in fact, it seemed to have spared them and made its way more towards the elderly but slowly, it began to spread to all ages from infants to teens to adults and elderly. There was no telling who would get hit hard and who would survive. Those who had survived have described the ordeal as a harsh cold with fevers, coughing, and fatigue whereas those who have, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease complained about shortness of breath, high fevers, difficulty breathing, and severe coughing.

It was difficult to follow the news every day: “wear a mask!” “a mask won’t help!” “wash your hands with soap!” “but it must be antibacterial” “don’t touch your face!” “don’t sneeze” “don’t cough!” “don’t touch surfaces!” “don’t go to stores!” “stock up on food!” “STOP HOARDING TOILET PAPER!” “we must buy toilet paper!”


It was exhausting.

It became serious enough where it felt like the whole world stopped. Suddenly, the streets were empty, companies (such as mine) began working from home, the healthcare workers were being overwhelmed and overworked to the bone trying to get a handle on things and trying to save as many lives as they possibly could. Neighbors would not get near each other, rumors about animals contracting it began. The stores were run dry of toilet paper, paper towel, dish soap, laundry soap, and all cleaning supplies. Masks started to become a normal thing but, of course, it would not be the U.S. if people did not complain and refused to take precautions.

While the world seemed to have stopped turning for me, D was in a much safer area. Bahrain was able to shut down and halt travels to slow down the contamination much sooner than most countries. In fact, they did not require masks until weeks later. D was stunned to know gyms, restaurants, and theatres were shut down. In his defense, when the outbreak happened, he was away at sea so he had come back on land to a shit show. The world was on fire and he had no idea until he got to base. He did not understand why he kept seeing memes about toilet paper. They did not have a shortage and I had to explain this to him as best as I could.

bahrain TP
They did not have a shortage of TP

D: Why are you guys on a toilet paper shortage?
Me: Because for the same reason we are running out of paper towels, baking supplies such as sugar and eggs, bread, and laundry soap.
D: ???
Me: Tigerking.
D: ???

Honestly, I did not have the answers why everyone began stress baking and hoarding toilet paper. All the while everyone was doing what they could to cope during the quarantine (yeah, that happened, too), I was getting ready to finally get my husband back soon…

Did I mention the world shut down?