End of a YouTube Era: Goodbye Jenna Marbles

In June 2020, YouTube queen, Jenna Marbles, posted a video apologizing for some of her older content that may have been controversial. While most YouTubers (most people in general) wait to be shamed and forced to address their past mistakes (because all of us are perfect and never make questionable decisions in our teens, 20, or even 30s), she did not wait for people to attack her or force her to apologize, she apologized and privatized several videos to avoid upsetting more people. She makes it clear it was never her intention to offend anyone and she announced she would be taking a break from YT and this decision appears to be permanent.

When I saw the now deleted video, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Jenna is leaving YouTube? In some way, I assumed she would come back after a break but last week, on the Jenna+Julien podcast, Jenna also announced this will be the end of the podcast. While Jenna deserves a break after being so consistent with her channel, it does hurt to know someone I admired so much leave a platform that I used as an escape to laugh.

Why do I admire Jenna Marbles? Say what you will about her but she is one of the most, if not the number one, popular YouTuber that has not had a bad track record. She has admittedly and unapologetically made content that made her happy. Whenever she made dog content, she would always put a disclaimer letting her viewers know if they aren’t into that sort of video, they can tune in the following week. Jenna gave no fucks. No make up? Who cares. No cute hairstyle? Throw that shit in a bun. Not in the mood to make creative video? Take a fucking nap.

In a place where image is everything, it was such a relief to find someone who genuinely just wanted to post happy, drama free content. The reason I also admire Jenna is because she is a year older than me. Why is this a huge deal? She is a 33 year old (soon to be 34) lady who loves animals, doesn’t care to look sexy all the time, doesn’t have kids, and just wants to be happy without the pressure of “knowing what to do with your life.” Her career on YouTube has been running for over ten years and she has gone on the record saying she’s isn’t sure what all these videos are leading to – she just likes posting funny and uplifting content.

Jenna, thank you for letting me know that it is okay to be in your 30s and not have kids, to be animal crazy and spend an entire day making home made treats for your pets, showing your fans that it’s okay to not have everything in your life planned out, for just spreading joy and making us laugh. We will miss you and your content with Julien, Meeble, Cermet, Paesh, and the little horse you call Bunny. Thank you for 10 years.