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PERIOD panties! Thinx or Padkix?

Every month I get this pesky little thing called a period. It’s basically my body’s way of relaying a nasty message to me signed from my uterus.

The gift that keeps on giving
My uterus fights me every month because I refuse to give it a baby. This fight consists of bloating, making me feel like I have about 20 extra pounds from my waist down, bleeding, losing the uterus lining in chunks, and terrible hormonal swings. If that wasn’t enough, I must sacrifice good panties for ugly period panties that will not escape the inevitable. I hold a viking funeral in their honor.


So one day, in my inebriated stage, I was just hanging around at home just cruising YouTube as I always do, hammered or not, I just enjoy YouTube holes. I came across this Buzzfeed video where the girls try Padkix period panties and this YouTuber I follow, Safiya Nygaard who also tried Thinx, another period panty. I had just finished my period and thought I should try these!

Life changing moment
I had gotten my first period at the age of 11 and since then, it has been a bloodbath – no pun intended. Because I come from an immigrant family and my mother is religious, I was NOT encouraged to wear tampons so I strictly wore pads, the bulky kind all through my preteen and teenage years. It wasn’t until I went shopping with my cousin and saw her buy the Ultra Thin pads with wings! Mind blown. I immediately switched out to those until I hit about 21 years old. I had went to a pool party and planned on just hanging out because my beloved menzies showed up unceremoniously. Then… a wizard appeared before me and offered me a tampon. This 16 year old wizard showed me a whole new world.

A whole new world!

She handed me a Playtex Sport tampon. What a game changer. It took me about three tries to actually figure out how to use it but once I did, holy shit, I never went back. Now, because I didn’t treat my anxiety at that time, I had unrealistic fears such as…

This was and always will be a fear in my head. I know it doesn’t make sense nor will it happen but this is what I envision in a pool.

Along with pool swimming sharks, I am constantly worrying about Toxic Shock Syndrome so I refuse to sleep with a tampon inside. Instead, I usually wear overnight pads which aren’t the most comfortable. Between the diaper feeling and the crinkle noises, it’s just a inconvenience. After watching both YouTube videos, I decided to give it a go and try out both.

Pulling the trigger
I first went to the Thinx website and ordered a Large Bikini in black. Looking back, I should have gotten a medium but the only reason I opted for a large was because Safiya mentioned in her video that the panty felt a little snug around the leg opening and if I am going to wear these, I wanted to be comfortable. This panty cost $37.00 with shipping included. I ordered it January 11 and I received it on the 16th. Next I went to Padkix and ordered a Medium in polkadot. The cost was $36.00 altogether with shipping as well and I received this one on the 17th.

When I first opened the packages my initial reaction was, “Holy hell, they are HUGE!” but not bad. Thinx was a plain black panty. It looked almost identical to regular black panties I would normally wear except with a liner, pad, or a tampon. The Padkix was cute with its polkadot pattern and, considering I don’t wear cute panties during my flow, it was a comforting fact knowing this company was so confident on no spills that they made this black and white pattern.

The experiment
I decided to wear the Padkix on my first night of my period. As adorable as these polka dots looked, it felt like I had a lot going on down there. The bottom inside has a fleece like material so it’s warm. The outer side of the panty feels kind of like a swimsuit. Imagine wearing one of those swimsuit that holds everything in but has an outer layer that is slightly loose, that’s what it feels like. It’s not uncomfortable but I was aware these were not regular panties. I did feel secure that nothing was going to leak out on the sides. You can see the slightly placed lining of the “extra padding material” on the back and if anyone touches your butt, they WILL feel the padding. It’s not very discreet so I’m not entirely comfortable wearing these with leggings or tight pants at all. My lady bits did feel like they were being snuggled by a pillow so that was a plus.

When I went to bed, I was hesitant but thank goodness the bedsheets were red colored already! I slept the whole night and when I woke up, there was no spillage and no leaking but it also appeared that I didn’t bleed that much to begin with. I decided to wear them during my morning routine: waking up at 5:30am to make breakfast for my husband and myself, let the dogs out in the yard to potty, eat said breakfast, take the dogs out for a 2 mile walk, and did some light household work. All of that seemed to do the trick to get things flowing down there. Although it was soft and comfortable, it felt a little bulky and I was very aware of what I was wearing. When I went to shower, I saw the massacre that was my period. The care instructions advise to wring out your worn period panty before washing them. I’m not stranger to blood but that part seemed the most unpleasant was having to wring out. I get why you should do this, I do, but, man, that was A LOT of blood. I would recommend doing this in your laundry sink or in the shower. After I did this, I tossed it in my laundry, washed it, and hung it to dry. No stains, no odor, nothing. It was good to go!

I wore the Thinx pair the following night. These look like actual panties and this is from their new line of cotton underwear. This black undie is way more discreet than Padkix but what it lacks in cuteness, makes up with comfort. Because I bought one that is all black, you can’t really see the lining but you can’t feel it either. I was a little apprehensive that it wasn’t going to secure my second night flow because it is a size larger than my normal size so imagine my surprise when I woke up and, once again, no leakage, no spillage, no stains. The clean up process was the same as the Padkix – it was a massacre in my sink. Once they were wrung out, I tossed them in the wash and hung them to dry.


Am I a changed woman?
Padkix has their cute design and with their black and white pattern, it is easy to tell if you’ve had any leakage but I’m not sure how I feel about the fleece lining. It’s definitely secured but the padding would make me feel paranoid if I wore it in public under dress pants or leggings. With that said, despite the “full” feeling down there, you KNOW it is working. The Thinx were light weight and the lining was barely visable. It’s breathable so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper but I feel as though I may have to retry them again on my first day on a light run to really test how much it can hold. If next month they both feel comfortable, I may just buy them both again, Padkix in another design and the Thinx in a beige color and smaller size and style.

Personally, I would wear them again because not having to put a tampon in or wearing a pad is SO freeing. I would recommend you try at least one of them. Pull them up, throw on some sweat pants, get comfy on the couch while you stuff your face with chocolate and use your hormonal tears to wash it down!




Embracing my natural hair

When I was about 11 years old I participated in my older cousin’s Sweet 15. On the day of the party, all the girls had to get their hair done. The style was a simple, blow out – not wavy but pin straight. I saw what I looked like in the mirror and I couldn’t believe how great I looked. This was the first time I had ever saw myself with straight hair and began hating my natural hair.

Bleach. Dye. Gel. Repeat.
All through middle school, I rocked a pony tail with my frizzy hair because I didn’t know how to style it. Once I hit high school I would wake up, dunk my head in water, then in a tub of gel (which held a BUNCH of alcohol as ingredients) that I would buy from the dollar store, make it nice and crunchy and then break the gel once I got to school. If I couldn’t be bothered to do that or flat iron it, I would just wear pigtails and call it a day.


The darkest time my hair faced was college. During those years, I had blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, red hair and that meant a lot of dying and frying. I was completely oblivious of the harsh chemicals bleach gave off and on top of that, I would take a flat iron to my damp hair. I wouldn’t even let it completely dry before going over it with my Chi flat iron.

Blue da ba dee
At the age of, oh, let’s say 28 or 29, bleaching everything and dying my whole head blue sounded like a good idea. Not highlights, not ombre – all blue. Although, I wanted to fuck with my hair as much as my dark roots allowed me to, I made sure to talk to the colorists and stress the fact I wanted to protect my hair as much as possible and they understood. From then on, I began to deep condition my hair, use cool/cold water, and only wash it once or twice a week.

Blue and pigtails, once again, because my hair wouldn’t cooperate.

As much as loved my blue hair, I found myself actually missing my curls and decided mid November 2017 that I will no longer straighten my hair. Of course, to achieve my goal, I would have to give up dying it as well. I was conflicted! On one hand, I have always loved having extreme hair since college, my husband adores and encourages it, and we joke that our dogs can always spot me out because of my blue color (yes, dogs can see blue). While on the other hand, my hair will never reach its full potential of healthy curls, I’ll be spending over $100 every couple of months for the upkeep, and constant frizz!

So, I decided to switch up my hair care
I started to research articles, magazines, and YouTubing beauty gurus. CurlyPenny has an excellent YouTube channel where she shows her curly hair routine, what products she enjoys, and even searches for products at reasonable prices. I use only CF (Cruelty Free) make up so it is only natural I look for CF hair products such as the Shea Moisture line. January 27, 2018 was the first time I did a cowash, meaning, when I went to wash my hair, I washed with only conditioner and omitting shampoo altogether. These were my results after my first co washing, using Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and using a blow dryer diffuser. Keep in mind, I had not applied heat to my hair for over a two months, I massaged Jojoba oil on my scalp to promote hair growth, and limited my use of products with sulfate and parabens.

My natural hair trying to repair itself.

I am stilling in the trial and error phase on finding CF products that work for me. Lots of money down the drain but it’s not as annoying as the next paragraph!

No, you may not touch it
Please… don’t touch my hair. No, I am not being rude, I’m not being uptight, I don’t think I’m full of myself. This is what I have to do to my hair:

  • Use a satin pillow case, which by the way, IS NOT AS COMFORTABLE AS YOU’D THINK!
  • Use scrunchies because, suddenly, it’s the 90’s!
  • Sleep with my hair in a loose pony tail INSIDE a silk bonnet if my satin pillow case is dirty
  • Immediately use product while my hair is still wet to control my curls. This means my shower routine is still not finished by the time I leave my shower
  • Delicately and lightly dry my hair with a T-shirt BUT ONLY FOR A MOMENT or else frizz happens
  • Carefully scrunch more product in my hair with my fingers BUT ONLY FOR A MOMENT or else more frizz happens
  • Blow dry my hair for about 30 minutes just enough to leave it slightly damp because my arms are exhausted from massaging my scalp, washing my hair, de-tangling my hair, and holding the blow dryer.


Basically, it takes a lot of work, patience, and time for me to “just” wash my hair to get my hair as healthy as I possibly can during this time. Second, third, fourth day hair is even harder to manage because any touch can make my hair frizz. Once my hair is finally grown out I can do the big chop (unless I just start getting trims) and maybe I won’t need to work so hard and I won’t be as anal about people touching my hair.

Love what ya got!
Straight or curly, just love what you have. All straight haired girls would love to have our volume and bounciness while we, us curly haired, would enjoy waking up, brushing our hair and going out the door. Both have their pros and cons but at the end of the day, you just have to accept what you have and find the beauty in it.


Funny Gals of YouTube! They’re Also Hot

This may be the most procrastinated post simply because it’s about the new YouTube channels I have started to watch. You know how that goes, you start watching one episode and suddenly six hours have passed and you’re deep into videos from two years ago. I get like that with Jenna Marbles and Epic Rap Battles. It is amazing how many videos, and channel,s and How To’s are out there in this magical world we know as YouTube. My dad goes there to listen to songs from his childhood and reminiscences about family and friends. It’s a small pleasure he has that I know will always take him to a happy place. I wish he would look for actual channels though! We managed to fix an old T.V. my parents had through YouTube directions three days before New Years! I was watching a documentary on Netflix, directed by Dan Dobi, called Please Subscribe. According to this documentary, YouTube made “TWO MILLION ON YOUTUBE MERCH ALONE!” just in 2011. That. Is. INSANE! That is also genius.

I have been going to YouTube for years now but mainly for music. Then I was introduced to Jenna Marbles and thought that this bitch was the funniest white girl I had ever seen! This was back in 2012 so since then, I have always caught her Wednesday or sometimes Thursdays episodes. After a while, I had noticed her cameos who had their own channels which lead me to more shows. So, to begin the point of this post, here are some of the channels I just found out about and thoroughly enjoy. BTW, yes, they are all women.

1. Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger
Stay with me people, this may become confusing. Colleen Ballinger has her show where she hosts “Colleen’s Corner”. She answers questions from her fans while on Fridays, she makes funny skits. She looks like a pretty normal girl and, frankly, I love question videos. We get to know the person making these videos. She also has another channel where she isn’t afraid to take her make up off and transform into this… other person. Miranda Sings is a fictional character that Colleen had made up. Miranda is… a unique girl. She dances, sings, and entertains us with her expressive facial reactions.

I like Colleen because she isn’t afraid to take her make up off, smear on some lipstick, sport a camel toe, and just sing… horribly.

colleen miranda
YouTube shots

Why? Because why not? We have aspiring strippers posting videos twerking while their 4 year old holds the camera. Let Miranda do her thing! You gotta give it to her, not many women out there would show their less than popular look for the world to criticize and rip apart – and yet, she continues to post. She still sings and dances in her videos despite the really, REALLY mean comments assholes feel like leaving and by the way, girlfriend can dance better than Taylor Swift in her rendition of Shake It Off.  Sorry, T.S., Katy Perry all the way!

2. DailyYou
Daily Grace aka Grace Helbig is another goodie. I’ll be honest, when it comes down to funniest, she is alright but she does do interesting videos. How To Survive PMS is exactly what it is, how to survive your period. THANK GOODNESS! I’m glad there are others who do these exact things, especially the sweet craving. It’s true, even if you don’t have sweet treats at home, you WILL find a way to get your grimey hands on them. Although, I do need to address something. She did a video how to shave your legs. Am I the only girl in the world who DOESN’T get nics? I rarely, and I mean rarely, ever get nics. I started shaving my legs when I was 13 and I can probably count on both hands how many times I have niced myself. What I do constantly is leave patches of hair. I left patches all over my legs the first day I shaved. I mean, it looked like I traced the United States map. I did a TERRIBLE job but! I don’t get nics very often. If I am in a hurry and I start shaving like a pornstar who’s running late for a shoot, then yes, I will get nics but other than that… I think I may be the only girl on earth who rarely bleeds from shaving my legs.

Daily Grace really seems like someone I would go to for my girly troubles so I do enjoy her videos. She also looks like the girl I would go to when I need to dress like a girl, style my hair, and pick out a gift for a baby shower. I do need more women like this in my life who can also make jokes. One more side boob, I mean, note! I watched this video while eating my “everything” bagel and I almost choked on it because I found myself relating to this all too well!
YouTube shot

3. Jenna Marbles
Jenna (fucking) Marbles. According to Please Subscribe, Jenna Marbles spent six hours STRAIGHT signing autographs for fans at Playlist (2012? Or 2011?)… Let me explain how much I adore Jenna. I would wait the six hours just to be within 50 feet from her. Meeting Jenna, I would just… IDK… I would lose my shit. Her first video, How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking, literally threw her in the limelight and she hasn’t looked back since. She isn’t shy, she isn’t afraid to be funny, and besides periods, there is practically nothing she won’t talk about (but that’s okay, that’s why Daily Grace is relevant 😉 ). She swears like a sailor, Cerment, Marbles, and Paesh often make cameos along with Julian aka Moq.
YouTube shot

She actually inspires me to blog EVEN KNOWING there may or may not be one person reading my posts. She is someone I wish I had in my real life, oppose to interweb life. Someone who won’t take offense to the raunchy jokes, who won’t go, “uhh… that is so inappropriate,” if I make a humorous comment about a penis, someone who will just fucking take a God damned joke and roll with the punches. I have way too many serious people in my life and very few people who actually get me, (I’m looking at you, Texas girls and my husband… who’s legally bound to find me funny). I think she is the reason I find other YouTubers mediocre funny. I connect more with Jenna than anyone else and whenever I need a tickle in my giggle dick, I always go to her videos. It won’t matter if the videos are two years old, I don’t care, they are funny, they make me laugh, they always put me in a better mood. Period cramps? Jenna. I broke up with someone – Jenna. I feel like crying for no reason – Jenna. My day could be better – Jenna. When I feel like giving up and becoming a unicorn for the day, all I have to do it watch I Hate Being A Grown Up and I’ll know, I’m not alone!

4. MyHarto
Hannah Hart. How can I describe her? She is that college room mate you had that forced your emotions to question your own sexuality. She is hot and she is definitely the cool tomboy in the group who just also happens to be gay, sorry, guys but great news for girls! Her videos have come a long way from her first episode (I hope this is her original, first episode or else I’m going to look silly… and lazy… mostly lazy). One of my favorite videos is The Whisper Challenge ft. Misterwives. I love The Whisper challenge in general. I did it with my husband and it was actually funny enough to drive both of us to tears.
YouTube shot

The quality of her videos are certainly better and from the episodes I have seen, she seems to be the queen of clever and witty puns. Normally, I dislike someone who uses excessive amounts of puns and it really irritates the shit out of me but for Hannah, it works! Every time she does it, I sit here and go, “Ah! I see what you did there,” as if she can hear me.

She has also done videos with other people including *ahem* Jenna 😉 I recently got the game Cards Against Humanity and Hannah does her own version with her called Charades Against Humanity. This was actually pretty priceless and I intend of playing this – drunk, of course. Only alcohol will make me creative enough to act out these hard-to-act-out cards. There is a card that says “KKK”. How the fuck are you supposed to act that out?!

I love light, funny videos with a bunch of jokes because there is enough bad shit in the world and I’m not encouraging to bury your head in the sand, by all means, but have fun. It’s okay to be silly, it’s okay not to be angry or upset about something. It’s okay not to be serious all the time. I feel that the internet should be an outlet from the real world along with there you find your news. Life is short and can be cut shorter, have fun, be happy, look for the bright side of things. If you want a good laugh, if you’re feeling blue, overwhelmed, or just want to watch pretty girls make asses of themselves, give these ladies a watch. Dorks around the world, you aren’t alone 🙂

My Song Meaning Behind Orgy’s Fiction (Dreams In Digital)

Way to go deep in the 90’s! 90’s right? Probably late 90’s… close to the 2000’s? Whatever, it’s early enough where kids these days have probably never heard of the band Orgy or this song. That’s right, kids, Orgy isn’t just a past time for sexual experience. Orgy was the actual name of a band back in the day before the lead singer decided to “terminate” the other members of the band. Kind of a douchey move if you ask me. Nevertheless, Fiction has always been one of my favorite old school songs. Now, I have been trying to search for the meaning behind this song for a particular reason. When I was a wee young las (las? lad? What do the Irish call young girls? I think it’s las. I’m going to go with las, it just feels right), I remember listening to this song one day with my brother and I think he was the one who put this song meaning in my head: Orgy’s Fiction is about a man’s wife in a coma.

Orgy – Fiction (Dreams In Digital)

She’s lost in coma where it’s beautiful (Pretty self explanatory, she’s in a coma where nothing is hurting her) 
Intoxicated from the deep sleep, deep sleep
do you wonder what it’s like
living in a permanent imagination? (People often wonder what their loved ones are dreaming of when they are sleeping or in a coma)
sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that

guilty by design, she’s nothing more than fiction (She is a vegetable, therefor, nothing but a shell of a human)

she dreams in digital (While in a coma, she is dreaming. The “digital” represents the wires she’s hooked up to and what is keeping her “alive”)
because it’s better than nothing (The husband cannot accept her death so keeping her alive through computers is better than her dying)
now that control is gone
it seems unreal,
she’s dreaming in digital (He cannot comprehend how her body has lost control and she is just lying there, sleeping in a coma, and possibly dreaming)
she dreams in digital

And your pixel army can’t save you now (The computers cannot help her. She is a goner)
my finger’s on the kill switch (Medical staff are asking him if he wants to unplug her)
I remember I used to compose your dreams, control your dreams (When she was alive and well, she was so in love with him, she would only dream of him. I don’t see “control” as a negative thing)
and don’t be afraid to expose yourself before I shut you down (He is begging her if there is any chance of survival, please do it before he unplugs her. He wants her to move a finger, move her eyes, blink, something, anything)
you made some changes since the virus caught you sleeping (She looks physically different now than from when she was alive and healthy)

guilty by design, she’s nothing more than fiction
she dreams in digital
because it’s better than nothing
now that control is gone
it seems unreal, she’s dreaming in digital (dreams in digital)

cause it’s better than nothing
now that control is gone
it seems unreal when she’s dreaming in digital (dreams in digital)
she dreams in digital

The rest is chorus but you get the drift. I wish there was truth behind this theory because it’s a pretty valid and well thought out theory. I tried looking up what this song meant from the band themselves but haven’t found such luck. Maybe I’ll never find out the meaning behind this song but every time I hear it, I will always think of that story line.

When You Come Home

Most people know I am now a military wife. I literally married into that lifestyle because I married my husband right when he graduated bootcamp. I have no idea what it’s like to be a normal wife with a husband who comes home every day around the same time. I don’t know what it’s like to plan vacations. I probably will never know when it’s a good time to start having babies because I will become similar to a single mom – with a dog in the mix as well. I don’t know what it’s like to CHOOSE to ignore my husband’s phone calls or texts because he’s pissed me off for saying the “wrong thing”. On one hand, it’s an exciting life while on the other, it can be lonely. Stress is something that will always be there, especially if you were raised like I was: having everythin done for you. You learn to grow up fast and become an adult – whether you like it or not because bills will never stop.

A few nights ago I was on YouTube looking for something to listen to before I sleep. With my husband away, I wanted to soothe my emotions. I found one song called “When You Come Home” and it seems to be pretty popular since there are so many versions of it. I have no idea which is the original version. Holy hell, I just bawled my eyes out and it didn’t help that my Menzies is here so my hormones are running a RAMPAGE. I really enjoy the beginning because it’s a cadence and I love cadences. They actually really calm me down and, in fact, I make my husband sing me my favorite one “I Wonder” when I can’t sleep. They will always and instantly remind me of him. The chorus is honest and just so sad because it’s what every MILSO feels. When they come home, we’ll get our shit together, hide the fact we are just falling apart, remain calm despite money issues, and we become happy again when we see them.

The verses are a different story. Being a Coastie’s wife, I can happily say that I am luckier than most wives in the military life. For now, I don’t have to worry about him having being over seas. He mainly stays around U.S. waters but like others, he does have to go away for a couple of months, again, for now. I’m not sure what will be the longest trip. Regardless, he can be gone for a while, thankfully, not as long as other soldiers. The verses are rough to listen to because it’s a story from the wife’s point of view. She’s basically drowning. What I don’t like is that she sounds like she’s giving up, almost as if she blames him for the lifestyle. Maybe I’m still new to this or maybe I’m naive but I would never blame my husband for our changes and I try to keep my troubles away from our communication through texts, e-mails, phones, and Skype. Again, I may just be new at this and I’ll some day reach that feeling of giving up and then realize why I am still here when he comes home and washes all my doubts away. I hope I never reach that point.


Okay my non-existing followers; this will be a regular post rather than a news post. Let’s be honest here, half my posts are not news worthy but it’s my blog so you can suck it! I can write what I want! I decided to just write about random facts about myself to give any new and hopeful reader an idea of who I am.

  1. Let’s start with why I like writing.
    I actually did not realize I liked writing until I hit my second year of college. When I was younger I enjoyed drawing. I was a fan of all art: dancing, singing, writing, drawing, and acting. I liked all the traits that most people cannot simply survive off of. With that being said, I tried majoring in theatre and then succumbed to my stage fright. I am actually incredibly shy but I try not to show it. I thought I wanted to be a social worker but that was boring. Writing came once I took my English classes in college and my adviser pushed me to get involved with the schools newspaper (The Gothic Times) and that was where I started to take my writing more seriously and ended up becoming Editor in Chief.
  2. I do not like coffee.
    I don’t know why but I hate coffee. I will gladly take a Dunkin Donut’s Coffee Coolata or a Burger King’s iced French vanilla coffee but I will want as much sugar and cream to die out the coffee flavor. Even now, as I write this I am sipping on coffee that I drowned with creamer.
  3. I’m rather short and baby faced.
    I proudly stand at 4’11 and have a baby face. I normally always wear make up but recently I have been lazy and not been applying eye liner. My eyes look bigger and my cheeks are chipmunk cheeks. I have fun by hiding food in there for later. I have a thing about eating a lot of food by myself in short periods of time.
  4. I recently moved in with my boyfriend.
    When I mean recently, I mean last September. It’s been a trip. I have thrown in the towel with the toilet seat. That seat will never stay down but it’s okay because I leave my strands of hair in the tub for him. It’s a gift!
  5. I am an amazing cook!
    Thank God for my mother and her old fashion Spanish ways. If she had not beaten me to learn how to make rice at age 11, I would have STARVED in college! I do not make tacos. I am the only Latin girl in the world who does not enjoy making tacos nor do I enjoy the eating them.
  6. I have a strong love for the furry children.
    I love animals. I will go out of my way to save and rescue an animal because I rescue a human. I donated to the ASPCA! I have two dogs myself: a German Shepherd named Jack Daniels and a German Shep/Rottie mix named Whiskey. My father named them. They are awesome fucking names. I love them! Whiskey constantly smells like Doritos so I am convinced he has a stash hidden somewhere and eats them when no one is looking… that’s probably why he’s so fat.
  7. Jenna Marbles is Youtube’s Goddess!
    I am obsessed with her. She is this magical comedian who comes down the beanstalk every week to fart out her special wisdom. I watch her religiously and she is actually my motivation to blog. When I feel discouraged or lazy, she pushes me to do it J So, thanks Jenna, your fellow landshark looks up to you.

And that is all I can think of to say!



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