Funny Gals of YouTube! They’re Also Hot

This may be the most procrastinated post simply because it’s about the new YouTube channels I have started to watch. You know how that goes, you start watching one episode and suddenly six hours have passed and you’re deep into videos from two years ago. I get like that with Jenna Marbles and Epic Rap Battles. It is amazing how many videos, and channel,s and How To’s are out there in this magical world we know as YouTube. My dad goes there to listen to songs from his childhood and reminiscences about family and friends. It’s a small pleasure he has that I know will always take him to a happy place. I wish he would look for actual channels though! We managed to fix an old T.V. my parents had through YouTube directions three days before New Years! I was watching a documentary on Netflix, directed by Dan Dobi, called Please Subscribe. According to this documentary, YouTube made “TWO MILLION ON YOUTUBE MERCH ALONE!” just in 2011. That. Is. INSANE! That is also genius.

I have been going to YouTube for years now but mainly for music. Then I was introduced to Jenna Marbles and thought that this bitch was the funniest white girl I had ever seen! This was back in 2012 so since then, I have always caught her Wednesday or sometimes Thursdays episodes. After a while, I had noticed her cameos who had their own channels which lead me to more shows. So, to begin the point of this post, here are some of the channels I just found out about and thoroughly enjoy. BTW, yes, they are all women.

1. Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger
Stay with me people, this may become confusing. Colleen Ballinger has her show where she hosts “Colleen’s Corner”. She answers questions from her fans while on Fridays, she makes funny skits. She looks like a pretty normal girl and, frankly, I love question videos. We get to know the person making these videos. She also has another channel where she isn’t afraid to take her make up off and transform into this… other person. Miranda Sings is a fictional character that Colleen had made up. Miranda is… a unique girl. She dances, sings, and entertains us with her expressive facial reactions.

I like Colleen because she isn’t afraid to take her make up off, smear on some lipstick, sport a camel toe, and just sing… horribly.

colleen miranda
YouTube shots

Why? Because why not? We have aspiring strippers posting videos twerking while their 4 year old holds the camera. Let Miranda do her thing! You gotta give it to her, not many women out there would show their less than popular look for the world to criticize and rip apart – and yet, she continues to post. She still sings and dances in her videos despite the really, REALLY mean comments assholes feel like leaving and by the way, girlfriend can dance better than Taylor Swift in her rendition of Shake It Off.  Sorry, T.S., Katy Perry all the way!

2. DailyYou
Daily Grace aka Grace Helbig is another goodie. I’ll be honest, when it comes down to funniest, she is alright but she does do interesting videos. How To Survive PMS is exactly what it is, how to survive your period. THANK GOODNESS! I’m glad there are others who do these exact things, especially the sweet craving. It’s true, even if you don’t have sweet treats at home, you WILL find a way to get your grimey hands on them. Although, I do need to address something. She did a video how to shave your legs. Am I the only girl in the world who DOESN’T get nics? I rarely, and I mean rarely, ever get nics. I started shaving my legs when I was 13 and I can probably count on both hands how many times I have niced myself. What I do constantly is leave patches of hair. I left patches all over my legs the first day I shaved. I mean, it looked like I traced the United States map. I did a TERRIBLE job but! I don’t get nics very often. If I am in a hurry and I start shaving like a pornstar who’s running late for a shoot, then yes, I will get nics but other than that… I think I may be the only girl on earth who rarely bleeds from shaving my legs.

Daily Grace really seems like someone I would go to for my girly troubles so I do enjoy her videos. She also looks like the girl I would go to when I need to dress like a girl, style my hair, and pick out a gift for a baby shower. I do need more women like this in my life who can also make jokes. One more side boob, I mean, note! I watched this video while eating my “everything” bagel and I almost choked on it because I found myself relating to this all too well!
YouTube shot

3. Jenna Marbles
Jenna (fucking) Marbles. According to Please Subscribe, Jenna Marbles spent six hours STRAIGHT signing autographs for fans at Playlist (2012? Or 2011?)… Let me explain how much I adore Jenna. I would wait the six hours just to be within 50 feet from her. Meeting Jenna, I would just… IDK… I would lose my shit. Her first video, How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking, literally threw her in the limelight and she hasn’t looked back since. She isn’t shy, she isn’t afraid to be funny, and besides periods, there is practically nothing she won’t talk about (but that’s okay, that’s why Daily Grace is relevant 😉 ). She swears like a sailor, Cerment, Marbles, and Paesh often make cameos along with Julian aka Moq.
YouTube shot

She actually inspires me to blog EVEN KNOWING there may or may not be one person reading my posts. She is someone I wish I had in my real life, oppose to interweb life. Someone who won’t take offense to the raunchy jokes, who won’t go, “uhh… that is so inappropriate,” if I make a humorous comment about a penis, someone who will just fucking take a God damned joke and roll with the punches. I have way too many serious people in my life and very few people who actually get me, (I’m looking at you, Texas girls and my husband… who’s legally bound to find me funny). I think she is the reason I find other YouTubers mediocre funny. I connect more with Jenna than anyone else and whenever I need a tickle in my giggle dick, I always go to her videos. It won’t matter if the videos are two years old, I don’t care, they are funny, they make me laugh, they always put me in a better mood. Period cramps? Jenna. I broke up with someone – Jenna. I feel like crying for no reason – Jenna. My day could be better – Jenna. When I feel like giving up and becoming a unicorn for the day, all I have to do it watch I Hate Being A Grown Up and I’ll know, I’m not alone!

4. MyHarto
Hannah Hart. How can I describe her? She is that college room mate you had that forced your emotions to question your own sexuality. She is hot and she is definitely the cool tomboy in the group who just also happens to be gay, sorry, guys but great news for girls! Her videos have come a long way from her first episode (I hope this is her original, first episode or else I’m going to look silly… and lazy… mostly lazy). One of my favorite videos is The Whisper Challenge ft. Misterwives. I love The Whisper challenge in general. I did it with my husband and it was actually funny enough to drive both of us to tears.
YouTube shot

The quality of her videos are certainly better and from the episodes I have seen, she seems to be the queen of clever and witty puns. Normally, I dislike someone who uses excessive amounts of puns and it really irritates the shit out of me but for Hannah, it works! Every time she does it, I sit here and go, “Ah! I see what you did there,” as if she can hear me.

She has also done videos with other people including *ahem* Jenna 😉 I recently got the game Cards Against Humanity and Hannah does her own version with her called Charades Against Humanity. This was actually pretty priceless and I intend of playing this – drunk, of course. Only alcohol will make me creative enough to act out these hard-to-act-out cards. There is a card that says “KKK”. How the fuck are you supposed to act that out?!

I love light, funny videos with a bunch of jokes because there is enough bad shit in the world and I’m not encouraging to bury your head in the sand, by all means, but have fun. It’s okay to be silly, it’s okay not to be angry or upset about something. It’s okay not to be serious all the time. I feel that the internet should be an outlet from the real world along with there you find your news. Life is short and can be cut shorter, have fun, be happy, look for the bright side of things. If you want a good laugh, if you’re feeling blue, overwhelmed, or just want to watch pretty girls make asses of themselves, give these ladies a watch. Dorks around the world, you aren’t alone 🙂