Okay my non-existing followers; this will be a regular post rather than a news post. Let’s be honest here, half my posts are not news worthy but it’s my blog so you can suck it! I can write what I want! I decided to just write about random facts about myself to give any new and hopeful reader an idea of who I am.

  1. Let’s start with why I like writing.
    I actually did not realize I liked writing until I hit my second year of college. When I was younger I enjoyed drawing. I was a fan of all art: dancing, singing, writing, drawing, and acting. I liked all the traits that most people cannot simply survive off of. With that being said, I tried majoring in theatre and then succumbed to my stage fright. I am actually incredibly shy but I try not to show it. I thought I wanted to be a social worker but that was boring. Writing came once I took my English classes in college and my adviser pushed me to get involved with the schools newspaper (The Gothic Times) and that was where I started to take my writing more seriously and ended up becoming Editor in Chief.
  2. I do not like coffee.
    I don’t know why but I hate coffee. I will gladly take a Dunkin Donut’s Coffee Coolata or a Burger King’s iced French vanilla coffee but I will want as much sugar and cream to die out the coffee flavor. Even now, as I write this I am sipping on coffee that I drowned with creamer.
  3. I’m rather short and baby faced.
    I proudly stand at 4’11 and have a baby face. I normally always wear make up but recently I have been lazy and not been applying eye liner. My eyes look bigger and my cheeks are chipmunk cheeks. I have fun by hiding food in there for later. I have a thing about eating a lot of food by myself in short periods of time.
  4. I recently moved in with my boyfriend.
    When I mean recently, I mean last September. It’s been a trip. I have thrown in the towel with the toilet seat. That seat will never stay down but it’s okay because I leave my strands of hair in the tub for him. It’s a gift!
  5. I am an amazing cook!
    Thank God for my mother and her old fashion Spanish ways. If she had not beaten me to learn how to make rice at age 11, I would have STARVED in college! I do not make tacos. I am the only Latin girl in the world who does not enjoy making tacos nor do I enjoy the eating them.
  6. I have a strong love for the furry children.
    I love animals. I will go out of my way to save and rescue an animal because I rescue a human. I donated to the ASPCA! I have two dogs myself: a German Shepherd named Jack Daniels and a German Shep/Rottie mix named Whiskey. My father named them. They are awesome fucking names. I love them! Whiskey constantly smells like Doritos so I am convinced he has a stash hidden somewhere and eats them when no one is looking… that’s probably why he’s so fat.
  7. Jenna Marbles is Youtube’s Goddess!
    I am obsessed with her. She is this magical comedian who comes down the beanstalk every week to fart out her special wisdom. I watch her religiously and she is actually my motivation to blog. When I feel discouraged or lazy, she pushes me to do it J So, thanks Jenna, your fellow landshark looks up to you.

And that is all I can think of to say!