Slipknot’s New Album, Masks, Members, & DRAMA

If you follow Slipknot, as closely as I try to, you should already be aware of, not only their new album, but their new masks and new band members. Slipknot has gone through some changes over the past few years. Back in 2010 the band lost their kick ass brother and original bassist Paul Gray due to a drug overdose. At the beginning of this year Slipknot announced their departure with drummer god Joey Jordison. Rumors were being thrown around that Joey had a substance abuse but there is no official confirmation. It is no wonder why the band has been pretty quiet musically.

Their last album, All Hope Is Gone, was released back in 2008 which featured all the members we have grown to love. Now, the new album .5: The Gray Chapter has been released as of yesterday. It is no surprise who they are dedicating this album to. I’ll give you a hint… It’s Paul Gray!

It is clear they are moving forward and are coping with the changes, changes that even some of their own fans have not yet come to terms with… JOEY, COME BACK! D: Along with their new album are new masks.

The terrifyingly huge Mick is sporting a mask in which I fail to see any difference, nevertheless, I am 5 feet tall so whatever he wears is a nightmare waiting for me in a dark bathroom surrounded by mirrors. Craig seems to also be getting in touch with his original roots, his 9 inch deep roots. He’s got his 9 inch nail mask back on. Say what you will but if I meet him, I’ll just give him a hearty handshake opposed to a hug. Chris Fehn has polished up his signature mask (which, BTW, I am CERTAIN there is a video game character who shares the same mask! I cannot remember if it is King of Fighters or Street Fighter!) Corey Taylor has certainly stepped up his mask. I have been a fan of all of his masks, especially the last one but this one is just harder to stare at for a prolonged period of time. It looks like his actual skin… but aged… with stitches. It just looks fucking painful, period. Jim Root, dude, if that is a mask, that is some sic prosthetics! It looks as if it were painted on his actual face with extra wrinkles added for some effects. Sid Wilson, your mouth alone scares me but this mask is a cross of an iron maiden and mutant fly. Shawn Crahan never ceases to send jitters up spines. My first thought was an illustration from Stories To Tell In The Dark. Go ahead, google that book series and keep in mind, these books are made for young readers.

You can count nine masks but will probably have trouble recognizing two of them (DERP – they are covering their faces). Their new bassist is Alessandro “Vman” Venturella, “who has worked as a guitar tech for Mastodon, Fightstar and Coheed & Cambria. Venturella also plays guitar for the band Krokodil,” according to


Their new drummer has come with quite the drama. Jay Weinberg will be filling Joey’s shoes (good luck!) Jay comes from the band Against Me! (FYI, does his last name ring a bell? His father is drummer Max Weinberg from the E Street Band) and this band does not seem too thrilled with losing their drummer… or are they? Front woman of Against Me! Laura Jane Grace did not sit pretty; in fact, she took to Twitter to lash out how she really felt. Laura was not shy with her angry tweets towards Jay and went further as to call him a “#shitbag”.


An immature Tweet bashing that resembles a high school throw down via social media. Way to shoot down cyber bullying! “Sassy > Classy”? Just remember, you’re influencing a generation. Slipknot doesn’t need luck, they have their shit together and they will know what is best.