I Think I’ll Go To Boston

Recently, I moved to Massachusetts from good ol’ Dirty Jersey! Not only does everyone seem healthier here (seriously, it’s RARE to see a heavy set person and common to find clusters of runners) but the music choice is fucking amazing. I was born in the late 80’s and grew up in the 90’s. I do have an older brother, who’s about seven years older than me, and his taste in music really influenced me. In fact, my first metal songs I had ever heard were Metallica’s The Unforgiven I & II. Of course since it was on the 90’s, grunge & alternative music were everywhere. As much as I like a good headbang (phrasing, boom!) I do enjoy the mellow sounds of the 90’s grunge.

The moment I’ve stepped in Massachusetts I noticed the different style of music genre here. In Jersey, we are limited to specific radio stations that play the constant 5 pop songs. We once had KRock and was replaced by a pop station and now to get your metal fix (certain areas) must find the fuzzy Seton Hall Pirate radio station and even that is on a schedule. Tune in on that station on Sunday and be ready to get down with some polka! Here, my new home that is Mass., has this awesome radio station 92.9. It plays all alternative music and I am hooked. In fact, it didn’t take me long to set that bad boy to my car. Since last week when I first arrived, every time I hop in the car, I instantly look for that station.

The best way to sum up Mass is alternative, rock, and Foo Fighters. Not a bad group of music if I do say do myself.