Talena Atfield, where are you?

What ever happened to Talena Atfield? You know, that super duper hottie, hot-hot bassist from Kittie? You remember! The only hot chick in that band.

courtesy of wehearit.com

I first heard Kittie at the tender age of 11… or 12… maybe 13… whatever, I didn’t have my period yet and that is all I can remember! I saw their music video for Brackish and fell in love. I was just getting over Backstreet Boys, Britney spears, N*Sync and discovered Metallica, Korn, and Tool (thanx to my awesome sauce, older brother). BTW, the worse Britney’s life became, the better her music grew. I will always be a fan of Britney! Keep singing about threesomes, girl! Wo0t!

Anyhoo, at the time, I had never heard of girls being in bands and singing, let alone playing instruments so when I heard them, MIND-BLOWN. When I saw the video, one girl caught my attention: Talena. She was everything I wasn’t. She was a musician, pale, hot, older, goth, and just wicked cool. Judging by her lack of facial expressions, she seemed the type of girl I would steal cigarettes for, light one up, act like it’s no big deal and that I do it all the time, while I choke on my first inhale. She would label me a loser and I’d be coming back for more abuse. What can you expect from an 8th grader from a catholic school?!

 Courtesy of buzznet.com

After she was gone and replaced by Jennifer Arroyo, I totally lost interest but I always wondered, “What happened to Talena Atfield?”

Well, I hopped on the interwebs and did some research. The bitch is gone! It appears as though after Kittie, her life just stopped. Talena apparently wasn’t even playing in the Spit album. In fact, according to shaky sources, when she was asked to join Kittie she actually learned how to play bass within a month (I believe 3 weeks?). She was featured in the video Brackish but it wasn’t her bass playing. She did appear on a show called America’s Hot Musician but after that I see nothing else. She was supposedly in another band that I refuse to even mention because I do not hear bass and the vocals are terrible. The whole story sounds off and has many holes but I’m not going to touch on that. I am getting way too jittery from the creamer I decided to splash coffee in! 

Talena, you are hot, please come back to the public.