Womp Womp Blog!

I’m sure you noticed the last post had no words – no blog actually. It was just the new video for Bullet For My Valentine. Along with the video, there was supposed to be a blog with it not just a video. That was not my intention; however, it was my fault. I did the big writer no-no! I didn’t save my blog (which I wrote beforehand on another writing system) and when I thought I had posted it, poof! It was gone. It took me about 40 minutes to write & edit it. I was so proud of it, too -.—– So, after my fit of rage, I just said, ‘ fuck it,’ and didn’t bother coming up with a new blog. The second draft would have never come out as good as the first draft anyway. I did have my notes since I cleverly e-mailed the notes to myself (but not the draft, silly me) but the details that I had thought of on the spot were gone.

After I bitched myself out on how stupid my amateur move was I told my brother about it. He suggested I rant about it on my blog… and because it’s my blog, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!  My advice for all writers, never, ever commit my beginner’s error. I figured once I posted my blog it would be saved and I was wrong. In my defense, I did write that blog on my mother’s laptop (I had gone home and did not bring my own) and she does not have Word. Okay, that really isn’t an excuse. It’s safe to say, laziness and cockiness took the best of me but no more! I have saved this blog twice already because clearly this blog is worth saving, not the one about the actual band (can you feel the sarcasm?).

image courtesy by PerfectlyCursedLife.com