Golden Gods tour TONIGHT in Montclair, NJ! I’M THERE!

Today is the day! I am going to see Stone Sour & In This Moment live at Montclair, New Jersey! It’ll be my fourth time seeing Corey Taylor and my second time seeing Maria Brinks and I cannot be happier! Along for the ride will be my brother. You see, my boyfriend isn’t a fan of concerts; he’s into books more (which btw, I ❤ that about him, my nerd). My brother and I share the same type of music and enjoy each other’s company.


My brother and I at last year’s Mayhem Fest

We don’t have any metal friends who enjoy going to concerts so we stopped asking people and decided going with each other is just fine! 🙂

I’ve never seen Stone Sour live so I hope they rock just as hard as I hope they will. No worries for In This Moment since her voice can do no wrong! I will try my hardest to take some decent pictures and post them up here! 


roq on \m/