No pictures on this one! Just a little personal rant

My boyfriend advised me that maybe I should keep up with current events, you know, so when jobs (jobs? What are those?!) look at my blog they can say, “Wow! She keeps up with current events!” Um, am I not doing that? By all means, if I’m not, let me know. Oh yeah, before I forget, My Chemical Romance broke up Sunday… who the hell cares? Emo scene is dead. It’s been dead since I graduated high school. So maybe my blog is a little lame because I choose the topics I want to talk about but you know what? IT’S MY BLOG! I can write about dog poop if I wanted to and it wouldn’t make a difference. Actually, it really would. Instead of attracting bands, musicians, artists, and employers to my page, I’d have animals like dogs, cats, sheep, and a goat following me. If you’re a goat, you can follow me! I don’t discriminate… just as long as you comment! Which that side of my blog is pretty light in 😦 Hint, hint, wink, wink!

I like how I blog. I like to think I do a good job for a beginner. When I decide to blog, I always go to certain websites and check out the latest news on whomever is rocking the seas that day. Obviously, I try to keep to the rock/metal genre (except t.A.T.u, I just happened to enjoy them) and I pick out which story I want to blog about. Yes, I repeat the news in my own words but I also add my two cents in. I always make notes and then I add in what I think about the topic at hand.

I’m not bashing my boyfriend at all, although I do have a heavy sarcasm problem but it did kind of bugged me. It made me second guess myself that maybe I’m not keeping up with current events but then I thought about it… I do! I do keep up with current events, I just blog whenever I feel like it. I did appreciate his feedback. I know it’s sucky of me to not update at least every week but trust me; my goal is to post as frequently as my fellow blogger (and awesome photographer!) SethSnap but my laziness gets the best of me and I do get discouraged sometimes because my FRIENDS (yeah, I’m pointing you fuckers out!) refuse to comment or Like anything I post! I have strangers doing it instead, which does help me 🙂 at least SOMEONE is reading this!

Anyway, NEXT WEEK I’M GOING TO SEE STONE SOUR & IN THIS MOMENT! Allow me to impress you with my super, duper awesome dance break.

*super awesome dance break*

I’m way too shy to actually do a vlog so I hope you guys can at least pretend to watch me dance. I will definitely blog about that concert and will post pictures that I will personally take. They won’t be that good since I don’t have the best seats but what are you gonna do?


p.s. I tried attaching a funny gif that relates my feelings to my blog but it won’t show up! So, here is the link Zoidberg.