Joey Jordison leaves Slipknot, Ian Watkins enters prison

I feel like I have only been reading bad news in the rock music industry lately. The most recent upsetting news was Joey Jordison leaving Slipknot and Ian Watkins of Lostprophets getting locked up. I’ll do a quick recap for those who haven’t heard the latest. First of all, I love Joey, hell, seeing his drum skit live where they turn him upside down in air is wicked awesome but… I have to talk about what the FUCK Ian Watkins did to earn him the throne of worthless douchebaggery.

Let’s start with very brief history. Ian Watkins was the front man and one of the founders of Lostprophets. I remembering listening to Lostprophets during my teenage, angst-filled years. I remember doing some serious underage drinking to their smash hit, “Last Train Home” with my burn out buddies. I loved their music and not to mention he was hot, alas, he would have never gone for my teenage body considering his taste.

Ian Watkins
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Somewhere between his fame and serious drug addictions, he had developed a sick and sexual appetite for babies. YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY, BABIES. Not horny teenie boppers, not barely legal deviants, fucking babies, toddlers! Not only was reading that headline hard enough but the mothers of these poor children were WILLING to let him “borrow” them. These innocent lives that were ruined by the one person who were biologically programed to love and protect them. I followed the trial back in November 2013 and couldn’t believe the horrors I was reading.

Long story short, “Prosecutor Chris Clee gave details of a sickening plot to turn babies into sex objects and Watkins’ desires to to ‘cross the line’ and take things ‘to the next level’,” – WalesOnline. Thanks, Ian! Thank you for ruining songs that once made me relive great memories.

Moving on, Slipknot and Joey Jordison have parted ways… NOOO!!! I received a text from one of my fellow Maggots in the wee early hours a couple of weeks ago and Googled it. With my eyes still sleep crusted and confused, I found it was true. However, looking deeper into the news, it appears Joey did not quit. In fact, it seems to be a deeper situation than what the public knows. “Personal problems” is the only clue Maggots around the world are being given. According to  MetalHammer, “He stops short of stating he was fired, but adds that he was ‘blindsided.’”

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Hm, so what really happened? I. DON’T. KNOW! And if anyone does, please feel free to let me know. Joey also adds Slipknot has been his family for 18 years and he would not disappointment his fans by simply abandoning them. Front man Corey Taylor is also keeping his lips sealed by stating he is protecting Joey, himself, and the band. Only time will tell what the future holds for Slipknot and Joey but it is safe to say that whoever is going to be the new drummer will have very big (maybe not that big, Joey was pretty short!) shoes to fill.

Hopefully the next time I blog will be on a happier note… and without this bitching headache.