The Boxer vs. The Potato: Potato’s First Injury

The Potato was bitten! 😦

I was walking the Potato and ran into a friendly dog walker whose dogs have met and played with Potato before. She was in the middle of training another dog walker who had her own dogs. At this point, Potato was like, “Hey, there are way too many dogs for my liking so I’m just going to chill out,” and she just sat down beside me. I must have leaned forward for some reason because she was then sitting behind me. Another woman passed by and had two dogs with her.

This is when shit got crazy.

My poor Potato chip, she was (to my knowledge) sitting down waiting for ME to walk away from the situation when all the dogs just started barking, pulling, and not giving a damn about boundaries. All of the sudden, I hear my poor baby girl crying; this boxer had pinned Potato down on her back and was ATTACKING HER!! I freaked out, not knowing what to do when, thankfully, the friendly dog walker jumped in and got the boxer off. I quickly scooped up Potato and held her to my chest while she shivered. The owner of the boxer apologized numerously and claimed her dog had never done this before. I didn’t care. I hauled ass to the apartment.

Once I brought her up and checked her, I noticed blood! I quickly hopped in the car and drove to her vet. Potato was just hanging around in the car seeming calm, playful, and not giving two shits about what just happened. Meanwhile, I’m brushing away my tears and wiping them on my fabric covered steering wheel. Once we get there, Potato is still nonchalant about the ordeal. The doctor came out and took her into a room to examine her. When she called me into the room, I had seen that the doctor had removed the fur where she was bitten.


I took one look and yelled, “Baby Jesus, NO!! JESUS, TAKE ME!  NOT MY BABY! NOO!!”

Okay, so maybe I didn’t say those words but I was hysterical with tears. This is my daughter, I should have protected her, I should have walked away from all those dogs. She gave me her, “I’m ready to leave, now,” sitting gesture and I ignored it. Turned out, Potato was fine. It was a light bite, it looked worse than it really was. She was given antibiotics and she happily drank it up.


I took a video because when I told my husband how his princess was hurt he nearly paddled back home, divorced me, packed up Potato, and paddled back to the boat with her. I wish I was kidding. I have been dethroned. Potato is the first lady of the household now. Whatever she says, goes. Anyway, she was fine, she’s a trooper.


It has been a week and she is healed up. She didn’t let that fiasco hold her back. It was as if she was never hurt at all. She finally finished her antibiotics today and starts her training classes tomorrow in a safe and friendly environment. I learned my lesson: When the Potato sits, she’s done and stay away from a large amount of dogs. She’s not ready to be around so many dogs yet.

The Potato