Coming to Meghan Trainor’s defense!

Yesterday I read an article that was basically bashing Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass song. I was able to also read another article that inspired the first one I read. I decided to write them in separate posts so I don’t confuse anyone. In this post, I am referring to article. Both are attacking the song and how girls are only validated through men’s appeal and that Meghan isn’t a positive role model. Are you fucking serious? Okay, you’re entitled to your opinions… let me give you a taste of mine.

In the article, Antonia Bentel writes, “However, I also identify as a feminist and am inclined to listen to these songs with critical ears, ready to pick up on any all-too-common sexist remarks.” Let me stop you there. I don’t identify as a feminist. I identify myself as a 28 year old Latina and I am inclined to listen to every song from a not-so-sensitive area. I’m not ready to pick up on any all-too-common sexist remarks because I enjoy having an open mind and  *gasp* sense of humor! So, you’re implying that you’re looking for something to rip apart. Next item, Antonia proclaims that one of her “favorite feminist musician” is Nicki Minaj and one of her favorite songs is “Superbass”. She went on to say that she would,”proudly rap for anyone who so much as mentions the song.” One of Nicki’s lines are “He ain’t even gotta try to put the mack on/He just gotta gimme that look/When he gimme that look/Then the panties coming off.”  So, it’s not okay for women to judge their beauty by men standards but you do support women not even needing a man to charm her, he just has to give off a look and she can jump in bed with him? Hey, I’m only doing what you said you supposedly do: listening with critical ears. That’s right, girl! Proudly repeat those words that mean you’ll jump in the sack with a guy just by giving you a look! And I understand Nicki identifies herself as a rapper, not a female rapper but she doesn’t get my respect…


…Because she uses her sexuality to get fame… almost as if she needs male validation to earn fans through her beauty and body… Catch my drift?

Moving along, yes, in All About That Bass, Meghan does say, “boys like a little more booty to hold at night.” Girls in high school, in my opinion, have the worst time when it comes to body image. They think they are too skinny, too fat, flat boobs, too busty, wide hips etc. High school girls are not concerned with feminism yet. Most of these young girls are obsessed with their image because of boys. Get the fuck over it, feminists. Yes, high school girls may make you shake your heads but a lot of high schools do not go into real depth about feminism until college… therefore, these young girls mainly do validate their prettiness through the attention of boys. Oh yeah, and one more thing, THEY ARE GOING THROUGH PUBERTY!!! The opposite sex (or same sex if you’re in that category) only think about hormones and sex. These girls are going through one of their toughest times when it comes to body image. Most of them won’t be able to understand they don’t need men’s approval to realize their own self worth. Girls who are pear shaped find comfort in knowing, “boys like a little more booty to hold at night.” It is sad to think young girls have this on their minds but you know what? When I was 15 years old, I appreciated my busty chest because boys noticed me. Give Meghan a break, she is giving young girls a song to make them feel better about their curves.

On to my next point, I think you forgot a few lines just to be biased and prove your point. Antonia writes that Meghan “sang that she’s “bringing booty back…go tell them skinny b*tches that.” By singing these two lines, she degrades women who are naturally thin and petite.” That verse goes as follows:

“I’m bringing booty back/Go ahead & tell them skinny bitches that/Nah, I’m just playin’/I know you think you’re fat/But I’m here to tell you/Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

The way I see it is Meghan is calling thinner girls “skinny bitches” but immediately says that she is joking. Also, she could either be speaking to the thinner girls or the curvier girls with “I know you think you’re fat.” I have met many women thinner than myself and heavier than myself but I will tell them the same, “every inch of you is perfect.” But I guess you know Meghan was shaming the thinner girls, right? Do you really and honestly think any woman in the music industry would ever attack another woman about their body shape? Next time, write the whole line, not just what appeals for your point.