Random thought about feminists

I don’t consider myself a feminist. Why? Because I make way too many, “Woman, get in the kitchen and make me some food,” jokes to my mom, aunt, and friends. I make so many woman jokes that when I’m around my sister in law, I have to watch what I say unless those around us want to hear an argument. My sister in law will be the first to jump up and defend women’s right – and that is perfectly fine! I have also met another “feminist” and she really left a sour taste in my mouth because of how she treats some women. She claims to be a feminist but then bashes other women, who she feels, doesn’t live up to her standards. Being married really has taught me I am more traditional than I thought I was. I enjoy cleaning up after my husband Christian, cooking for him every day, picking up groceries, doing laundry. In fact, I rather be in charge of all the chores in our household. I would never want my husband to ever pick up a dirty sock to wash unless I asked him to. Part of the reason is because he won’t do these house hold tasks correctly… the way I picture him doing it… in my mind. I actually take great pride in catering to his every need. The household – “the kitchen” – is my domain. Now, if any feminists want to attack me and say I’m setting women back to the 1940’s, congratulations, you have just lost your feminist card. Feminists are supposed to support other women and fight for other women to do as they please. Well, I am extremely pleased and proud to channel my inner 1940’s housewife.

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Before you uptight and judgmental people begin criticizing me, “Well, you don’t work,” let me inform you that before we moved to a new state, I was working full time and still enjoyed keeping my role as the woman of the house.

My husband has never pressured me to stay home and do housework, I simply choose to take care of our home. He is always willing to lend a helping hand but – get ready to attack me, America – I don’t believe housework is a man’s job. However, what may work for us may not work for others. I prefer to take care of every and any task that involves our home. Christian works hard, gets deployed, so when he is on stand down, I like him to come home and relax and enjoy his time down while I bring him a sandwich and his drink. I like putting his needs before mine because my needs can get met the months I am alone. Again, this is the system we have because we’re both happy with this. I don’t want to come off that he is lazy because there are times I do have him help me. I’ll ask him to sweep, give Potato (our puppy) a bath, take her on walks, clear the table and set up for dinner, bring me all his dirty laundry so I’m not fishing for what is clean or dirty. He does do things at home to help me out but I genuinely enjoy doing most of the housework. I do have a lot of say in the relationship just as much as he does, it’s a good balance. I love playing my “woman” role while he plays his “man” role. With that said, I really do need to get in the kitchen and start lunch 😀

P.S. A woman that knows her way around the kitchen and laundry will never get caught for a murder. She’ll know how to clean up the blood and she can poison you! Too far? Ahh, I’m just kidding!

Seriously, though.