Women Period Shaming – Shame On You!

A few days ago I stumbled upon an article on the Huffington Post . Kiran Gandhi had trained for a year to race in a marathon that I believe was to raise awareness to breast cancer. I started this post over a week ago and I am glad I held back from posting so I could do some research on this. In the beginning, I wanted to rant and say that no one cares that a girl has her period but then I realized, I was being naive.

Courtesy of HollywoodLife.com
Courtesy of HollywoodLife.com

Kiran wanted to raise awareness on period shaming and let people know that there are other women in less fortunate countries that do not have easy access to tampons and pads. I do feel like her doing this took away from the actual breast cancer awareness she was running in the first place but in a ironic way, she was genius for what she did.

In my opinion, this generation has gotten over the period scandal and stopped seeing it as dirty. I was wrong. My favorite YouTuber Jenna Marbles refuses to make a video poking fun at periods b/c she thinks it’s disgusting. I also read comments about the Kiran article and was shocked to discover women shaming her. They were shaming her because she had the nerve to run and show her period. Are you fucking kidding me? This isn’t Carrie! I can understand men acting obliviously hypocritical: I don’t trust anything that bleeds for 7 days… but I’ll fuck as many as possible & love the child that comes out of there.

Courtesy of thefemmenistlens.com
Courtesy of thefemmenistlens.worpress.com

But for women to dare shame any other woman for her period? THAT is disgusting and you are what’s wrong with the world.

I couldn’t believe how many women were commenting, “Ew! Period blood is disgusting! No one needs to know she’s on the rag! She is so gross for bleeding!” I don’t think they realized Kiran did that to POINT THESE WOMEN OUT FOR THEIR PERIOD SHAMING! So when a 12 year old girl gets her period in class for the first time, it’s okay to shame her and say, “Ew! Period blood is disgusting! No one needs to know she’s on the rag! She is so gross for bleeding!” Her point literally went over what she was trying to prove and what’s worse, when I tried explaining it to them, THEY STILL DIDN’T GET IT. Grow up, people. It’s 2015, we shouldn’t shame other women for going through a natural cycle. We have crazy women carrying out a pee stick to prove to their baby daddies that they are pregnant but bleeding every month is gross?  GTFO.

Courtesy of MetalInjection.net
Courtesy of MetalInjection.net


My dad always bought the correct pads for me when I was younger. I asked my mom one time and she got me the wrong ones. My dad was on point. Shout out to my dad, you da real MVP, Pops!