Hey, I did that!

A while back I had written about some goals I had wanted to accomplish while being home. Despite Annie regularly whispering merciless shit into my ear, I was able to overcome and reach some of these goals!


  • Drive to my in laws
  • Go on solo vacation for a week
  • Watch a movie in the theaters alone
  • Watch a local live rock band
  • Attend a rock concert
    *bonus* drive to it alone
  • Go dancing
  • See a Broadway play of my choice
  • Play soccer with dad at a park
  • Meet up with other writers
  • Start writing a book
  • Go somewhere out of my comfort zone
  • Face a big fear

Went on a solo vacation for a week: Seattle, Washington
After having a long conversation with D about no job prospects, we came to the conclusion I should just take advantage of the situation. When life hands you lemons, you launch the fuckers right back. I booked my solo flight to Seattle and made plans to visit a couple of coasties during my week’s stay. This was the first time I traveled somewhere new and alone without having any idea what to expect. I was able to discover a new place and see familiar faces.

I should have probably had dinner at the famous needle building but it was over priced and I didn’t feel the need to get dizzy from the glass floor! Besides, I was able to indulge in dumplings, ramen, and sushi.

Watched a local live rock band: Joisey Devils

Puerto Rico was the last time I got to see a local band play live. Naturally, I was yearning to satisfy my appetite for loud music that would leave my ears ringing. When my friend invited me to see his band live, I jumped to the opportunity. The show was outdoors so my ears were spared of possible tinnitus. They covered popular songs and made them their own. The evening couldn’t have been more perfect… expect I did get a whole free pizza pie before heading home!

Joisey Devils

Attended a rock concert: Slipknot
FUCK YES. Slipknot has been my favorite band for years and the last time I was able to catch them live was when they had just lost Paul, their bassist. Despite their new band members, their sound is just as amazing, if not, even better. I can only hope they did not peak just yet. Their latest album, We Are Not Your Kind, was number 1 in the U.S. and U.K., even bumping off hip hop and pop artists effortlessly from top spots.

Went dancing: Cousin’s birthday
My cousin had been asking for a surprise party for some time now so it was not a shock when his wife decided to plan one out. She reached out to me and gave me the details. I made plans to attend the festivities with another friend. Although I arrived at the surprise party, I was suckered in by free drinks from this very handsome bartender so my girl and I stuck around the bar for those drinks! Feeling confident in my skin tight dress and nicely liquored up, I decided to give the dance floor a whirl. The music was terrible but the vibe was perfect. I danced my little heart out until my sandals busted.

Went somewhere out of my comfort zone: Pole
Ordinarily, whenever I try anything new, I always bring someone with me. This time was different. Pole dancing was something I have always admired. Dude, how the hell do they get up there so effortlessly? I did some research on it and by research, I mean I followed a girl who had been doing it for years and thought to myself, “I can do that!” I, in fact, cannot do that. I have taken several classes and have fallen in love with the art… I have also fallen on my ass… and knees… and arms, back, and hands. Shit hurts, I have the blisters and bruises as proof! This form of dance forces me to get in touch with a side of me I swore I didn’t have: my sexy side. It makes me uncomfortable but I leave there feeling like Cardi B at a strip joint on a Saturday night… minus the $$$.

Faced a big fear: Middle East
I, like most ignorant Americans, have this fear of the Middle East. After *ahem* certain events, the U.S. had developed this fear of anyone from that part of the world. Well, as you may know, D was deployed to Bahrain and he wanted me to come for a visit. After much going back and forth in my head, I finally decided to book my ticket. It was such a beautiful experience! It was such a different culture that I couldn’t help but immerse myself in. I was curious enough to ask what they wore and why they wore it. It was interesting to see a country that was the total opposite of the U.S. and the locals were very welcoming to Americans. I was taken back by that. I was grateful to have the opportunity to visit an area that I had so many reservations to. If the chance comes up, I would totally go again.

Keep it goin’
2019 has certainly been very interesting for me – so far. There are so many other things I have been exploring and experimenting with but I may not disclose it until I can figure out how to carefully word everything… and when I can commit to starting and posting in the same week! Here’s to making new memories – cheers!