While He’s Deployed: 3mo.

If there is anything my husband loves most in this world besides me, it is our dog, Potato. She is his perfect angel. Whenever she gets hurt or scared he would always be by her side to push her confidence back up. That being said, I thought I was going to have to tell him our dog is going to go under the knife for surgery. Yeah, that was the beginning of July.

Before the chaos, there was Pride 
Let me backtrack a little bit. At the end of June, I had gone to NYC’s Pride Parade. It was an all-day celebration for the LGBT+ community. This year was especially significant because it marked the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn where the battle for Gay rights began. Stonewall is seen as the birthplace of Gay rights because it was there where the unlawfully mistreated and discriminated Gay community fought back the cops who constantly harassed not only the customers but the employees as well. They had been arrested for just being themselves for so long but what broke the camel’s back was witnessing a lesbian in handcuffs get hit with a billy club for complaining the handcuffs were too tight on the night of June 28, 1969. All. Hell. Broke. Loose. With greater numbers of the Gay community outweighing the cops, they stood their ground and demonstrated the unfairness they had grown to be sick and tired of. Because of this historical event, NYC holds the Pride Parade at the end of June every year.

I had waited all month to go see the parade since I never had the chance to before. Traveling into the city (everyone takes the train into NY, you don’t drive, especially during a parade!), I saw more people gradually fill up the trains in Pride gear. The trains exploded with colors and laughter and you could feel the love in the train to the final stop. The music was so loud, hundreds and hundreds of people decked out in their most festive outfits – or lack thereof – my senses were getting hit from every direction. It was beautiful to see so many people there who were all in one agreement – love is love. I had attended the parade with my sister in law and she had struck up a conversation with a gay man who showed up for Pride. He told us he had never been to it before and his manager, who stood beside him and was straight, brought him there. He was simply there to support his employee and we thought it was the most thoughtful and beautiful act of support and kindness.


Potato VS the Litter Box
July was the month where construction finally started in my parent’s home. The option of staying elsewhere while it was happening was not available. Who would take in three adults, three dogs, and a cat? We made do with what we had and adjusted. The cat we have is an indoor cat that requires a litter box. Dogs are gross, they tend to eat their own vomit and this doesn’t exclude another dog’s vomit. You can also add poop to their menu.

Potato had been snacking in the litter box when we were not present. Of course, I take full responsibility because I should have known better. One day, I noticed Potato looking pretty glum and wouldn’t react to food, water, or when I tried to get her to play outside. The sign that confirmed she was seriously ill was when my mom would try to love on her and Potato wanted no part. She loves my mom and always perks up around her but not that day. I immediately brought her in and after an all-day wait, including a $385 X-Ray (WITH MILITARY DISCOUNT), the images showed she had a LOT of litter in her belly. Her body was not processing it which caused her discomfort and pain that lead to her becoming lethargic. We could not even hug her without having her yelp in pain.

The doctor ran a few tests to make sure she didn’t have any other issues. She sent her with a specially prescribed diet food to help her potty and some medication. By the third evening, Potato seemed to have been feeling better. She was finally processing everything in her belly and her spirits were back to normal just in time for my Seattle trip!

Seattle, Washington – Home of Grunge Music
I had always wanted to go to Seattle; the music and the style were more than enough evidence to prove I was definitely raised in the wrong state! I booked my trip to stay with a couple of friends. That week was much needed! I was able to catch up with friends I had not seen in some time, visit the Museum of Pop, eat delicious food, experience downtown Seattle, and enjoy sleeping in!

I stayed with my coastie friend, Guns (her nickname in the Coast Guard in which I knew her by), and I was just so impressed and proud of her accomplishments. Not only is she a badass who works with guns in the military, but she also started her rave wear clothing line. Her site is called KatalystRavewear and if you’re a raver or just enjoy wearing rave gear, I highly recommend it! She uses the best quality and everything she designs, she makes with her own hands. She takes her business very seriously and I admire her for it. She was awesome about taking me to eat the most delicious food and helping me visit and explore.

Enjoying the USO… THANX D!

Coming back from Seattle was not as nerve-wracking as my previous flights have felt. I sat at the airport and hung out until my flight. Annie was nowhere to be found and I was enjoying the freedom from her perpetual negative whispers. I struck up a conversation that day with a new friend and I am convinced that is what kept my anxiety at bay. The interaction was consistent and kept my head busy, pushing Annie farther away from me. I’m not sure if they knew how much they helped settle my nerves that day but if they don’t and they read this, thank you =^.^=

Three months down
I was able to handle Potato’s health pretty well without drowning. I learned why we celebrate Pride and was able to experience the atmosphere. I had traveled somewhere new without a helping hand. This was absolutely a step up from where I felt a month ago. June was, by far, the worst month for me but July came and pushed me to pleasant surprises. Now, I just have to make sure I grip on to that hopeful feeling!