While He’s Deployed: 4mo.

August seemed to have waited for my return to officially begin. Somehow between my mother getting hospitalized and Potato, once again, becoming ill, I was still able to maintain the good vibes I left July with. I had gone to a Slipknot concert and started to dance pole (you read that correctly); this month was a fuck ton better.


Is there a doctor in the house?
When my parents picked me up from the airport, the house resembled a warzone and they hadn’t even touched the second floor yet. At one point, they had removed the chimney out of the living room. Despite warnings to my mother to stay in her room (or leave for the day if possible) to avoid smoke and dust inhalation, she decided to stay – and go about her business, in and out of the room. In almost no time she began having headaches that developed into migraines and could no longer tolerate it. To the hospital to went! After three days in the hospital, they said she had sinuitis. Her sinuses were so congested from inhaling the dust from the chimney removal (and from the regular dust from the demolition), it had caused all this pressure behind her eyes which lead to the constant migraines. It would be two weeks until she fully recovered.

Remember when Potato became seriously ill from the cat litter? Well, that wasn’t all, folks! She had also developed a skin rash! Because scaring the shit out of me over the possibility of surgery wasn’t enough. I spent a few days going back and forth to the vet over a few open wounds all around her back. The doctor said it is an allergic reaction to, honestly, who knows, so more pills came Potato’s way. Thankfully, she was not the star of the show for that month and her allergies quickly cleared up after a medicated shampoo bath (about two of them) and some allergy pills. This dog will be the death of me.

Pornstar Dancing
WHERE THEM DOLLAS AT?!?! Back in Puerto Rico, I had met a hot lead singer who mentioned he was married (FOR THE RECORD, he took my phone and looked himself up on Facebook so I could add him, okurr?). Once I became FB friends with him, his wife added me soon after. Some couple play? Sure! Why not! But then I saw what she did with her time… Homegirl was a “polerina”. This means that she dances on a pole. A stripper? How dare you?! No, she is a ballerina/pole dancer thus polerina. Annabell has a talented background in dance and incorporates that on the pole so she isn’t dancing to be sexy (although it still is), she is dancing in such a way that displays an elegant series of everything she has ever learned in her time as a dancer. I wanted to do that.

My first bruise from pole 😀

I joined a pole dancing class and learned very quickly how much strength, patience, and pain tolerance are needed to just begin getting comfortable dancing on a pole. However, after the first class, after falling, and after making a complete fool of myself, our instructor, Estrella aka Star, requested us to perform what we had just learned and record ourselves. She was awesome for this. I was able to choose my song and just let it happen. Looking back, it was awful @.@ BUT it was a starting point and great reference. I ended up enjoying it and sticking to it. I didn’t tell anyone I started except for momma bear. Momma bear was very supportive of this, to my surprise. I enjoy it because it’s something new to try and Annabell made it look so beautiful. It is something I intend on pursuing.

If I am lucky, once a year, I get to see my best friend, Jen, during the holidays. Unfortunately, I saw her sooner this year but not under the best circumstances. She had a death in the family which caused her to come up from TX. Although the timing was rough, I loved seeing that freckled face along with her little boy. I hadn’t seen her son since he was born and couldn’t believe how big he had gotten. Seeing Jen’s face will always bring a grounded and comforting sense of security and home. I’ve known her since I was about 4 years old. She knows me in and out and I know judgment will never come from her and that’s why I love and cherish our friendship. No matter how much time goes by or how far we are from each other (we were literally separated by an ocean at one point!) we always come back as if no time has passed.


Spending time with my brother is always an awesome time. We grew up very closely and relied on each other through everything. He had invited me to see Slipknot live with his wife and friend. I had not seen Slipknot in so long that I jumped to the opportunity without asking where and how much. It was happening. It was just as fucking incredible as the first time I saw them and I’m thrilled they keep the same tradition when they perform Spit It Out. I learned the last time to make sure I stretch before I participated in this tradition because once I go down, I tend to stay down… YouKnowWhatI’mSayin’ (no pun intended). I screamed my little lungs out and headbanged until my hair got stuck on my septum ring. Truly one of their best performances!


Riding the wave
Despite mom and Potato getting sick, this month still had a lot of good to it. I was able to continue picking myself back up and stop feeling so sorry for myself. I finally started to be more adventurous and depend on myself to keep moving forward. I’m straddling this wave and holding on tight into new adventures.